When You Don't Click

Last night, I had another ride. (Oh. My. Gosh. I'm riding more than once a week, what is life) A friend of ours, we'll call him N, came out to ride Spirit again. He had come out a few nights ago and he's an old friend of Spirit's old owner.

Oh, and now he's about to be Spirit's new owner.

Yeah, I didn't talk about the fact that we may sell Spirit because it was kind of last minute and unless we knew the person, we wouldn't let Spirit go. The only reason Spirit is being sold is because mom and him don't click. At all. He's also very green and still a baby in so many ways, and it's just not the safest situation when you have children around the farm all the time. He's improved a lot at home and he's ready to go to the next level with someone with the guts and time and love for him that will take him there, and we couldn't be happier. I don't know when he's leaving because N has to finish up his farm that he recently bought but we're in no rush. When he does go, we've very strongly considered getting another horse only if mom see's a good, broke as they come, docile horse that needs as little work as possible. We want another Red, basically. ;) We want something that will w/t/c with mom and isn't just a total dead-head, but something that the kids are safe on. Something that mom loves and that will actually click with mom. As hard as she's tried, Spirit is not clicking. His ground manners need some serious work and he's just not the horse for her. In her younger years, she would've love him and the challenge but she just wants something that she can grow old with now. :)

Photographic evidence that Red actually did get ridden by me and had to work. Poor baby.

Before we went to the trails, 5 of my nephews and 2 of my nieces wanted to ride Red while they were at the house so we let them all have turns. (Red says I hate my life, I hate my life)
Red's neck looks straggly in this.

Fat pony.

Then once the kids were done, my step-sister hopped on. She doesn't ride and while I'm sure she's sat on a horse before, it's been...awhile, haha. We let her ride on the little road and then walked next to Red in case he decided to try to trot to the barn. Redman was a good boy and then I hopped on afterwards to go to the trails.

We didn't do much, went through half of one of the trails and went through the hay field a few times. I let Red lope a few times but it was getting dark and I didn't want him to slip on the higher grass. Mostly trotting/jogging. It's amazing how much smoother he feels to me now that he's rounding himself better, especially up the hills. He got a little choppy at one point but fixed himself quickly when I bumped his reins a little.

We rode for about 30 minutes then stalled up to feed and hung out in the stalls. Fairly uneventful but I'm excited that the boys are being ridden so much more now, woot woot! Success!


  1. Glad to hear Spirit has a new home in works! Before Quest, I half-considered buying Rori but no matter how much time we spent together, we just didn't click. I think the day that I finally faced it was reality was really upsetting. I lost a lot of my motivation to work with her because I knew for a fact that we were on different pages.

    Would Shalom not be a good fit for your mom?

  2. Saying goodbye is tough, but it sounds like Spirit is going to go to a GREAT place :D

  3. There is nothing wrong with finding Spirit a new home. Sometimes we just don't click. I didn't click with Faran and hubby didn't have the time and couldn't risk being reinjured so we rehomed him. I'm glad Spirit has found a great new home. :D