What Champions Are Made Of


 Decided to tack up today after church because we didn't have an evening service. I was going to try out my new bareback pad but couldn't figure out how to cinch it up properly so decided to just saddle up and work on more things. My goal is to ride 2-3 times a week and lunge once or so a week once our round pen is set up in a better place. Can't lunge safely on a hill with tall grass :P I hopped on and walked him around for a few minutes to warm up, I didn't plan on doing much and he was being lazy because Spirit wasn't around (mom didn't ride today) but we ended up doing some more work on collection where mom could watch and give opinions/ideas on how he was doing and my EQ, etc. She was really impressed with how slow he was going (ughh I need videos!!) and I managed to get him into such a smooth, slow jog. Mom even got on him for a few minutes to test ride. Considering he's the horse that everyone said would never collect without a bit (and then goes crazy with a bit) I'm pretty dang happy. He's been sent to so many trainers for that and nothing worked so I'm kind of curious on why, but he's definitely working so well now and he's comfortable with it, totally relaxed and content, and that's my main thing.


He heard a deer, haha!

 I'm beyond happy with how he's coming along. Second ride at home and he did amazing other than being a tad lazy, but nothing an extra nudge with my heel couldn't take care of. My nephews came over once I was about done with working on the jogging so they took turns sitting up in front of me, they both got to trot for the first time and then my little brother David (who's 3) rode in front of me for awhile until he said "too big! Scary!"

 I jogged for a couple more laps back and forth and then walked him around the property on a loose rein. I dismounted and did some liberty, mild stuff, just let him get used to different areas while the deer were going crazy in the woods then got back on and grabbed my rope at the last minute. We had already ridden for about 45 minutes so I was almost done, wanted to end on a good note plus we had to go pick up my niece, so I just stood him in front of a post and roped for awhile. First time I've ever roped off of a horse and his first time around a rope in around 9+ years. My step-father was the only one out there at that moment and I was like "okay, if he bolts, do something!" lol! But of course, true to himself, Red took a nap until I asked him to move. We roped for a few minutes just at a stand-still and then I let him trot towards the post and oh my gosh, proud moments. I'm not the best but I'm proud of myself, too. I roped the post a few times pretty well but man, I'm so proud of Red. He's such a trooper with all of the new (well, roping is an old thing but whatever) things I've been doing with him on new property around a new horse. He's such a trooper.

Ignore my messy rope, lol! It's driving me crazy that it's not coiled properly but oh well.

 My step-dad managed to take a video at the perfect moment when I actually roped the post and I'll attempt to post it whenever I can upload it on youtube. Until then, you can see it on my Facebook if you're on there. :)

I'm excited with how he's looking right now. We managed to get through the summer without any major hairloss and Fall is officially here so I can rest easy knowing I don't have to deal with it for a few months. Sweet itch stinks. His weight is great right now and while he could stand to have a bit more muscle in his butt and chest, I think I'm already seeing a difference with him being worked more and out playing in the pasture. (him and Spirit make daily laps up and down the hill in the pasture, haha!)

honkytonk badonkadonk.

I untacked after a few minutes, cooled him off and fed. :)

And just for fun, here's a photo of my goal for Red that I made a few months ago:

NOT  the best photo but you get the gist.

Once again not the best.

 They aren't the best comparison photos, I know, but take a look at all of the similarities. His chest looks way better.

We're getting there. :)

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