Bootcamp For Red || Before & After

I did a before and after post of Shalom yesterday in honor for having him a little over a month, so I thought I'd do a quick post for Red because I'm actually really happy with how he's looking already. I posted his photos on a conformation critique group on facebook that's generally pretty tough to please and the girl loved him. Her only remark was that he needs more muscle in his neck and he has a straighter shoulder than she likes, which I whole-heartedly agree with. She said he had great muscle on his topline, good muscles and that his weight, although he has a bit of a hay belly at the moment, is perfect because we're going into Winter anyways a little extra chub never hurt anyone during this time. She said his muscle looks good as well and that his neck will start looking much better as we continue our new work regime.

In this photos, you can see that he's starting to get his winter coat so ignore how blah and dirty he looks. The recent ones were taken yesterday during feeding time and I didn't have a spare moment for a good brush-down.

September 9th.


And just for fun...let's all remember what he looked like last Winter, a couple months away from now.

So this isn't gonna happen again. Nope. Nope. Too fat.

His coat is definitely changing a lot, getting less shiny and penny colored and turning darker. I prefer his darker winter coat and I've actually thought about putting him on Smartpaks supplement for Bays to keep them from sunbleaching..hmm. Now that he'll be in a pasture with more woods and he has more shade, he won't sunbleach as bad as he did this summer. I did spy a few dapples the other day on his back, I would love for him to dapple out a bit.

I had planned on riding sometime early in the week but it's been storming so I have no clue when I'll get to ride. I may ride Saturday/Sunday once the rain clears out more, can't ride in a muddy mess :P

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