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This evening, I finally got a chance to see my boy. (My first boy.) We pulled up in the barn driveway and Red was outside bucking and running and just having a good time. J told me that he and Stoney had been playing just a few minutes ago but Stoney left him eventually for his favorite mare, so apparently Redhead just continued on like no big deal. The second I got out, he nickered and came over to the gate and waited for me to open it and it was like, boom I had the happiest horse ever. He followed me everywhere in the pasture totally by himself and he was trotted next to me at a respectful, safe distance and kept wrapping his head around me like he hadn't seen me for ages.

"hello I love you" he says

I'm guessing he was tired and wanted to cuddle after his playtime and dinner, but man it was nice. We had a great time out there in the few moments that I had and he ran the fenceline when we pulled out. Apparently he went on back and settled down as soon as we were out of sight, but it made my day, getting to see him and it seemed like it made his day, too. Eventually I decided to take his halter off and see if he would continue following with no tack at all and he just kept on next to me. I stopped, he stopped, I backed up, he backed up. It's great seeing him just get in sync with me.

He stayed right here when I went to go get fly spray, right at the fence.

It's funny - all of my friends have kind of acted like I'm replacing Red somehow with Shalom or that I'm going to end up just preferring Shalom because he will be an excellent step up for me, but no one can replace Red. I can't even describe how much I love this horse. I love Shalom so, so much already and we've already connected but there's just something about Red that makes us click together like two puzzle pieces. No matter how much of a hard time we have or if we have a bad ride, when I dismount, it's like we never had a bad ride and we can just put those things in the past and learn from them. I'm so comfortable around him and I have no fear with him. I'm trying not to be super corny. Getting another horse that's kind of mine, kind of not (he's mom and mine, but we both work with him equally, etc etc etc) made me realize how lucky I am to have Red in my life and how amazing our little connection is.

"yes, yes, I love you too. Gimme food."


And in non-related Red news, Shalom has been 80% better with leading today and soooo much better with not plowing us over when we ask him to stop. It's just like in this 3rd day he's just settled in better and he's more content and not starving to death like he was. I just think he was so hungry and didn't want to wait for us, he just wanted to eat and eat and eat.

This weekend mom plans on sitting on him (no riding yet, just sitting) to see how he acts and we're also planning on riding Spirit and Red. Red should be fine but I'm eery on how Spirit will act since it's been so long. Hopefully no more bucking episodes.

Our hair matches.

Skinny poneh is a big poneh.

And so far, we're planning on Red and Spirit coming home right after the 22nd of September or early October at the very latest. So excited to be riding 3-4 times a week and to start training more. :D

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