How To Get Hurt In One Simple Step!

Okay, like everyone else's, my Facebook newsfeed is flooded with ALS ice challenge videos. I've been nominated myself but I don't plan on doing it *hides in shame* and I've honestly not even been a big part of it, but after seeing all of the challenges on horseback, I had to write this post.

I don't care how much your horse loves you, how much you trust him, or how good of a rider you are - dumping ice cold water on your horse is not only a sure fire way of getting hurt, it's also, in my opinion, a terrible thing to inflict on your horse.

Think about it this way - when we dump the bucket of cold water on our heads or hop under a cold spray of water, what is our immediate reaction? We cringe. We may dart out from under the water. And if you're a sissy (I kid, I kid.) you scream. Obviously, it's a fun, silly little challenge for us humans but we know what to expect. Our horses, however, don't see the bucket of ice water and know what's coming. They only feel this cold rush of water flood over them and they, like us, have every right to cringe and run away from it. Like I said, this is my own opinion so don't get offended by it if you've chosen to do this with your horse, but if you have a horse that trusts you, do you really have to prove a bond by dumping water everywhere? I just think it's a silly and stupid. And to the people who compare it to a bath, I'm sure you always start bathing your horse slowly. You don't just spray the water all over his face and drench him. Maybe, the water isn't full of ice? Plus, the horse see's the hose and knows what's coming. They learn after awhile, but when do you dump a bucket of water on them? Chances are, it comes as a cold shock to them and yes, they have every right to run off.

Give your horse some respect.  


  1. When I saw those "challenge" videos I laughed. Especially when people at work were like, "try it with Brantley" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not an idiot. Anyway, don't feel bad about doing the challenge. My family donated and my brother and I did it for kicks only because I lost my grandmother to ALS a few months before I was born so I didn't even get to meet her. I really appreciate people who have donated and even donated a good laugh of dumping water on their heads. :)

  2. I don't understand why you have to subject an animal to this silly challenge at all. Horses, dogs, cats - they don't understand what is going on. For the most part all of the animals I saw doused in cold water objected and reacted poorly. All for the sake of entertainment. It's dumb.

  3. I particpated in the challenge AND donated. :-)

    The lengths some people take for this challenge are infuriating. It's not about being popular or having the most epic challenge, it's to raise money and awareness. I know you know, and your readers do too, I'm just ranting about others. The one with the horse could have SERIOUSLY gotten injured! And for what?! A few minutes of "fame". Not worth it in my opinion. I find a little bit of thankfulness? A little less anger towards those who do outrageous challenges for the popularity, if they still donate b/c that's the point/goal of it. Sorry to rant, it just bugs me with some of the ones I've seen and the horse one in particular sparked a rant from me on FB.

    1. Rant away! I don't mind! :) The only issue I had with the challenge is that it did fund abortion, which I'm not okay with. I'm very pro-life and I find it hard to donate to something that helps with what I believe is murder. That being said, there are ways to donate without funding that and I'm probably going to donate like that. Doing it for fifteen minutes of, "Ooh look at me I can sit on a scared horse!" or "Look how dead-broke my horse is!!" is ridiculous and you are taking advantage of your horse. End of story. This challenge was to bring awareness for a terrible disease that needs to be cured - not to look cool or have a funny video on social media!