New Blog Look || The Kiowan Way

If you haven't noticed already, please get your eyes checked, haha! The blog has gotten a make-over! My ultimate goal is to make the blog look more professional because I plan on making it much more serious and well-written than it is now when the horses are home and I have more topics to write about, but while I'm waiting for that...I thought I might as well make it look the part, haha!

The silhouette in the header was created by the amazing @polaroid.pony on Instagram, and I created everything else using PicMonkey. I'm still not finished with it but it's about 95% done as of now. I still need to do some tweaking with some things on the sidebar. You'll notice that I did add something on The Kiowan Way horsemanship, which was founded by my good friend Autumn. You can find out more here on the website.  Basically, it's a form of Natural Horsemanship mixed with Liberty Horsemanship. I've started going by the guidelines on it and while I'm not following it 100% (I don't necessarily agree with the no bit thing, even though I prefer bitless some horses do need bits in my opinion and they are only as harsh as the riders hands, unless they are just horrible, severe bits.) This is an excerpt from her "about" page:

The Kiowan Way is a method of Natural Horsemanship which was found by Autumn and her best friend and companion, Kiowa. TKW is a way at which both the human and the equine work together as equals. The horse and human take the necessary steps of gaining friendship and trust with one another. What was once work is turned into a dance or a game. Some simple sacrifices are necessary from both beings including the mindset of dominance, bits, force, and unfriendly thoughts. The hardest and first step for the human is learn to speak the language of the horse. There's no difference between learning the horse's language and learning a foreign language. With an open mind and a bit of studying, the words will just slip from your lips. Your horse will gladly accept the job of teaching you their language if you'll put in the effort for them. Make the way of the horse your second language through the journey that TKW can lead you on.

Despite Autumn being quite young, she's come extremely far with this and has built this style of horsemanship from the ground up, just by making a partnership with her horse. She's had numbers of success stories and is now offering quite a few different things, including personal clinics and etc.

Kiowa and Autumn

The main goal in TKW is not to teach tricks, gallop around tackless or become popular as the new Liberty Horsemanship sweeps the horse world by storm, but to create a deeper bond with your horse in whatever way works the best for you. It's extremely easy to personalize TKW as you see fit so it works better with your horse, because every horse and rider team is different, thus a set way of horsemanship with rules and guidelines would not work for everyone.

I haven't started it 100% yet due to lack of time, but I'll keep updating everyone on how it goes and when they are home, I'll begin it completely and see how it affects us!

And before I go, an update on our farm...

The 4+ acre pasture is now completely fenced in, the barn is almost finished, stalls are being started now, the hay has been baled and we've ended up with great hay, despite what we thought. So far so good with the rezoning process! We've started digging more holes and may be taking in a boarder that we know extremely well/lives very close to help us out with things. That will be in the Spring IF it happens but we're trying to make sure we're prepared just in case. The Run-In stall will be built soon as well. So far, so good!


  1. The blog looks great! I generally read blogs via my phone so I can't tell what the side bars look like, but what I CAN see looks great! :-D

  2. Wow sure looks different! I like it though.

    1. Definitely very different, hopefully in a good way!! Thanks!!

  3. I'm glad to hear the progress on the barn is going good!

  4. The blog looks great! I LOVE the banner! :D

    I'm glad everything is going well on the barn.