Blog Hop: Chock Full of Advice

we all love that unicorn.

 I was originally going to skip this blog hop because I was like, umm...I don't take lessons at the moment, but then I realized that once upon a time, I did have a trainer for like a day and I'm being trained by my mother and she's pretty much pro so, I can actually do this one. Be warned, I apparently can't properly articulate today so be prepared for rambles.

What is the best advice you've ever received from a Trainer or another rider? What is the worse advice you've received from a Trainer or another rider?

  •  The best advice was to ride and love the horse I own. In the midst of trying to get Red on track weight wise and allergy wise, mom just stopped me and told me to be careful and not to expect some fancy Quarter Horse to come out. Did he always have potential? Yes. But love him for his faults because Lord knows, he'll love you for yours. She told me this when I was having a tiny melt-down over his sweet itch, as tail hair came out and his weight still wasn't perfect and I started comparing him to other horses. Just love your horse for what he or she is.
  • The worst advice? Put a bit into his mouth and when he acts up, scold him. He'll get used to it. This came from Trainer. In case you don't know, my horse is absolutely terrified of bits. I've discovered that it's not just a "Oh hey I dislike that a little can you please not use one" it's a "Oh,my gosh that thing is going to hurt me and I'm scared." And honestly, Red is such a good horse and he doesn't deserve to be scared like that. She thought it was okay to just force him to work through stress until he was shaking and terrified and literally HIDING behind me to get away from her and scold him when he's scared. I'm sorry, but you scold when he is acting bad or being rude - NOT when he's terrified.


  1. Such good advice (and bad advice)... Love it :)

  2. Good for you realizing that other trainer wasn't for you.

  3. Oh wow that is bad advice!!!! Definitely would not use that trainer again.

    I totally agree with the good advice. It's best not to compare yourself, your pets, your family, anything to anyone. Just love them for who they are!!

  4. So agree with you on love the horse you own. It's so easy to start comparing your horse to others and getting all negative about it, but we should always remember that our horse should be loved no matter :)