In other news, PUPPY.

All is quiet in the horse world. I'm going to be honest and say I haven't seen my horse since our lesson. Yes, I'm sad. But when you are 15/can't drive/lead a busy life/board....I'm stuck until September and then I can see him every day and blog and go crazy. I do text BM like 500 times a week and he's doing well. :)

Since I have literally nothing to post about other than property things, here's what happened this evening:

tiny dog is tiny.

I bought a dog.

But let's back up...

A few days ago, I rescued a baby chick. Baby chick ended up dying to no fault of my own, and I was a sad person. I decided to keep looking for some more chicks to raise because hey, chickens are fun. Right as I was getting deep with chicken things and about to buy a dresser to turn into a coop because apparently creative people do that, my mom calls me outside and literally shows me a photo of "Cindy the Chihuahua" and was like, "You must buy her. Please." So I messaged the lady, not 100% sure if I even wanted to. She was $50, house broken, small and very sweet. Long story short, she came home with me today. She isn't the healthiest little girl ever but everything is fixable with the right food and etc. She's truly very small and extremely sweet, so far she's had no problem with our dogs or kids. She see's someone coming and immediately flops on her back and asks for belly rubs. I did change her name slightly, because my mom's name is Cindy and it would be weird to have a dog with the same name, right? But she definitely knew her name quite well so I wanted to keep it similar. She's now going by Windy and doesn't seem to be effected by the change all that much.

She's made herself at home on my bed and refuses to leave the pillows. I think she's a keeper.


  1. Oh my goodness! She's adorable! I want a tiny dog but I'm afraid my Great Dane would squish him/her accidentally. :-/ Congratulations!

  2. She is cute! and yes, it would be a little weird to have a dog named the same as a family member. :)