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Sooo....today we got the call that Red's hooves looked terrible and he was out of supplements. Awesome. Went to go get supplements and luckily, our old farrier was coming out and he could take care of Red's issue. The new farrier (this is getting confusing...) was a bit lazy last time on his hooves and didn't take nearly as much as he needed to off, resulting in lots of cracks and chips. Lovely! But our old farrier, C, is a great farrier and took care of that super quickly.

Went out and "caught" Red, he walked to me and allowed me to clip his lead on and we played around in the pasture for a few minutes before I realized that he had two small gashes on his back, right where I would sit. Awesome.

Pony says sorry mom.

I put some ointment on his battle scars and got mom to look at them. They aren't bad, but bad enough that I probably won't be putting a heavy saddle on it this weekend. I may use my bareback pad on Sunday if it looks okay enough since the pad is very soft and light. If not...we get to chill out in pastures while mom and Spirit ride around. ;)

We basically just sat around while we waited for C and Red got some extra grazing time before dinner.


Pony ish so cute.Ignore his bad feet.

Then he realized that there were children in the stroller and promptly said hello....My little brother was excited but my little niece was very uncertain. Too bad because Red adored her. ;)

Red says, "I didn't mean to make her cry!"

"owner..I did not mean to make her cry! I shall sulk on your shoulder and put all my weight on you!"

C arrived right after I got done grooming and got business done. Red did perfect as usual, not much to say about farrier visits. He gets there. Red falls asleep. It's over. I put him in the barn. He gets fed. He gets turned out.

It was interesting to see how C fixed everything, though. He explained what he was doing and he seemed pleased with Red's current weight, especially considering he's basically been off work for quite awhile other than a ride every now and then.

Pony wants to see kids.

Then we decided to trim Spirit a bit and see how he did. Other than attempting to lay down like always, he did really well. He only did that a couple times and it was good to get them back on the same schedule again.

Mr. Yellow Mane

So yeah...not much to report on the whole horse thing nowadays. We are 3 months away from them being home and then, I'll be riding at least twice a week, working them hopefully at least every other day as long as they stay nice and healthy and weather is good, and I'll start a lot more training. Until then...this blog is rather boring. Sorry! ;)

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  1. Long toes! Glad you were able to have old farrier fix them :)