Go Barefoot!

Farrier visit today! We officially love our new farrier, who we will call "CV." Everyone was at the barn this evening other than AM so we had an audience. We started with Spirit first, since he's the trouble-maker. Our plan was to go barefoot for a month to see how he does, since we really want him to go barefoot eventually.

Freckle Butt.

He started off acting kind of anxious, so mom slipped out the bosal and he saw it, something just clicked and he was on his best behavior. A little fidgety, but nothing compared to how he was before. He was SO much better than even our last visit, and he did rather well then, too. No moving once the bosal got on his face. We didn't even have to use it, he completely submitted himself and chilled out.

Us: 1
Spirit: 0
Sad pony getting the bosal on. (One shoe on, one off.)

As of right now, we'll see how he does barefoot and if we need to go with shoes again until we bring him home to much softer ground, we will. We're just testing the waters now that they are stronger. Plus, he had never had shoes before. The barn has so much concrete and asphalt, but our farm doesn't have any. Hopefully, at the very least he'll be barefoot in a few months.

While they were working with him, I groomed Red out, medicated his tail/mane, brushed out his disgustingly tangled tail (HOW does that happen after one. night.) and checked out his mane. Still only scabbing on his bridlepath area so I'll be trimming that up ASAP.
So long and prettiful. ONE DAY it'll be past his neck.

Sleepy pony is sleeping.

They finished way quicker than we've ever finished a farrier visit before, and I brought the Redman out. His feet were getting super long so he was definitely due. No discomfort yet but he needed a good trim. He promptly fell asleep and CV got to work. (He also loves Red, which is a big plus. I think Red likes him too...) Of course, not much to say about Red. He stood and slept like usual. One of the dogs tried to bite Sii, resulting in lots of whinniers and barks, Red did not move. One of the bigger dogs tried to run under his stomach. Red did not move.

He enjoys hugs. Anywhere.
Finished up, took Red for a walk while mom got everything together and Red followed me without a lead rope like a puppy. Everyone laughed. He is a dog.

Now they are outside trimming the tiny dogs I mean miniatures. Halfpint apparently is doing terrible (Not a surprise.) but Cowboy is typically amazing sooo.....

Oh, and our barn is up. ;) Now to close everything in, put gates up and build stalls! One step closer! Getting water put in this week and hopefully getting the rezoning done next week. We just bushhogged and discovered another HUGE pasture. Yippee! The front pasture is almost done....it's getting real.



Here's the view from the road...Looking very pretty. :)

Ours. ♥

And view from the horse's pasture that they'll be in first...

Yay for tall horse-fencing!!

I get more and more excited every day.


  1. Getting a new barn must be super exciting!!

    1. Extremely! Now time to build stalls!

  2. SO exciting!! I'm preparing for the opposite - boarding for the first time after having horses outside of my bedroom window for 8+ years. Lucky you!!! :D

    1. I can't wait!! I loved having him out my window, even if it was just for a week. It's so hard having to board them!

  3. Yay barn! Take more pictures, I'm a huge fan of in progress construction shots haha

    1. I definitely need to! Hopefully I'll get some more up tomorrow. :)