Welcome to Teenagehood.

My boy is officially a teenager! 13 years ago in Holloway, Minnesota, my best friend was born. What I wouldn't give to have a few baby photos, but alas, I do not. Sometimes I feel like he's a wise, 20 year old horse in a young body. He's exactly what I needed - something steady, sweet and loving. He just needed help along the way. We may never show or win ribbons, but as long as he's here with me, I'm cool with that. I hope to have this boy for many, many, many more birthdays.

Red, you are by far the main reason why I don't go crazy on a day to day basis. You're my therapist, my best friend and you are probably the best gift I'll ever receive from anyone. You came to me in the form of an awkward, bald almost 12 year old, and now you've totally blossomed into an amazing horse that has improved so, so much. Maybe one day, we'll lope around in a show ring, but for now, I'm just content to be your owner and love you.

I don't know your full story, I don't know why you were bred, but something tells me that God knew what I needed all along, and I needed a big red horse to fill up a big place in my heart. (And pasture, and wallet, and etc.)


  1. Beautiful horse!! You two look wonderful together and you'll have plenty of years together :)

    Happy Birthday Cash! :D

  2. Ahhh Happy 13th birthday Red!

  3. Happy birthday from O and I! :)

  4. D'awwww happy birthday Red!! :)