Blog Hop: Continuation School

Horses are incredibly forgiving... They fill in places that we are not capable of filling ourselves.-Buck Brannaman, The Faraway Horses.

" So this week, with all the ups and downs experienced in riding, the expense, the pressure, the stress horses being giant and yet fragile. Some of us are sidelined due to physical conditions, horse injuries, finances or even a lack of a equine to throw a leg over, Why do you continue to ride?"

 As always, L presents us with yet another amazing blog hop. This one is actually pretty special to me. There is a reason for every ride. Every time we step into stirrups, whether they be made of iron or wood, we have a reason. For some people, it's to get ribbons. To look good. To win. For others, it may be to have an escape. To learn. To free themselves.

I fall into the latter category, honestly. 

Why do I keep riding? I've asked myself the question before, and I always come up with long answers. I've come to a point of realization. I probably won't show..if I do, it'll be on another horse. Not that Red isn't capable of winning big, I know he is, he's done it before. That's not my concern, my concern with him, my heart horse, is to further our bond and do what we both love. Showing doesn't fit in. If I'm not doing it to win, why am I doing it? A lot of people have asked me that and it honestly shocks me. I continue to ride because, well, I can. I would say that sitting in a saddle, galloping through fields or taking long walks on the back of my horse frees me, and I wouldn't be lying....but that's not what gives me my escape. Just being with horses, my horse, does that for me. If Red were to suddenly turn up lame and I had the choice to either, A. Sell him and find a horse to ride, or B. Keep him and not ride...I would choose option B. I ride because I'm able, I'm capable. My horse loves it, I love it. There is truly no seat better than my old roping saddle, overlooking fields. I never feel closer to the Lord than when I'm up there. I never feel more at peace. 

But honestly, riding doesn't make my life whole. My horse does.

 And if there ever comes a day that I value my saddle time more than my horse himself, smack me.

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