Our Commerical Moment Blog Hop!

Yay for another fun blog hop, created by L at Viva Carlos! I'm not a huge shopper unless it involves horses, then....I shouldn't be trusted with money because I will spend all of it. ;) So, needless to say I'm excited for this blog hop so I can drool over things that I can't really afford right now, haha!

  • New splint boots. I ended up not ordering my stuff off of Stateline Tack because shipping. I found a good girth for cheaper at Tractor Supply and my red splints are still in good shape, so I'm thinking I'll wait to buy the boots until I can find someone selling local.
  • New hack. My old hackamore still works well but I'd like to pick up another one so I can have two bridles around in case something happens to one of them, or if I just want to switch out.
  • MTG and more sweet itch stuff. Always need more of this!
  • New crop. I lost my good one and I'm stuck with an awful, heavy one. It's so huge and annoying for trails.
  • Muzzle before June'ish so Red doesn't have issues with founder again! Buying one of these in a few days.
And I'm saving for...

  • A few roping supplies, like the steer heads to hook onto the four-wheeler and etc.
  • A couple new riding shirts, preferably cool enough for Summer but long-sleeved so my arms don't die on the trails. ;)

My list is pretty small and mundane. Most of the stuff on my "want" list are going to be made by my step-dad (cavaletti's and poles for pole bending once we get our arena set up, etc) and I'm having to curb on my spending a lot now that we are the owners of the land. It's worth it, though!!

Spoiled pony! Gimme that Summer coat back!

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