Life Is Tough.

First off, thanks to everyone who left tips on my last two posts!!! I can't afford a trainer or lessons right now and I probably won't be able to for a few months since the property did cost a lot of money, so it's nice to have y'all here to turn to for some advice! If you want to jump in, feel free to, I need all of the tips and nice constructive criticism that I can get. I can't wait to have the horse's home so I can ride at least three times a week and then we'll start working on our outdoor "arena." The round pen I have to work in now isn't very good to work in because it's really small and the ground isn't the best. We're planning on making a little outdoor like this,


Maybe not quite as large. ;)

We'll get some small jumps built, some poles for pole bending and some barrels just to play around with. Mom used to pole bend and barrel race so she's said she'd like to get some of those things out there just to trot around on Spirit, and I think it would be good for Red to get used to doing different things like that.

Anyways, I found this questionnaire on Tumblr and wanted to do it, sooo... ;)

  • 1. Funniest thing you've seen a horse do?I once watched Red take off his rope halter by using a wooden post, drop it, pick it back up and hang it on the post. When he was home, that's how he took off his halter. It was a little loose because everything that fit properly managed to rub his skin off and he would only wear it for a short period of time, but it was funny nonetheless.
  • 2. What's your favorite discipline to watch that you don't ride and why? I love watching people jump, no matter if they do hunters or jumpers. Barrel racing is fun, I love reining and Western Pleasure...really, I don't necessarily have a set discipline and I love watching people ride period, so harder question, haha!
  • 3. How old were you when you started riding? 14. :P
  • 4. Favorite color/markings on a horse? I love bays. Obviously, my favorite is probably a star/snip, but I'm open to pretty much all markings. I don't really like socks unless it's on a chestnut or sorrel.
  • 5. Any pet peeves about the equestrian world or a certain riding habit? I hate how judgmental people can get. So far, I've been lucky and everyone on my blog has been so helpful and nice, but through other ways, I've met so many jerks. I know good EQ is important, but frankly, I'm tired of hearing about my heels 24/7 when the person has pictures of herself with bad EQ. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone starts somewhere, why judge? (I'm also tired of hearing the, "Well my horse is rough too but I have good EQ." because most people's horses are not as bad as Red... lol!)
  • 6. Do you have any superstitious traditions you do for a show?I don't show, but I'm not a superstitious person at all. :)
  • 7. Favorite horse you've ever worked with? Red, of course. ;)
  • 8. If you got the chance to ride any well-known horse, who would it be and why? I don't really keep up with that many famous horses since I'm not in the show scene, but I would love to ride Hollywood Dun It.
  • can you get any more gorgeous?
    9. Describe your dream stable. I'm not picky. All I want is for them to be home and for it to be safe. If I was rich, I'd build a few extra stalls (just in case, ya know. If I was rich enough to get a dream stable, I could probably afford another pony.) and a huge, heated and air-conditioned indoor arena, a big outdoor arena, a fancy tack room and a few bathing stalls. I'd love for the stalls to have windows on both sides so they can look out safely. :)
     Um, yes.

  • 10. What do you look for in a coach/trainer? My biggest concern would be if they click with my horse and if they treat them in a calm, gentle way. I do/love natural horsemanship and I don't want a trainer who feels too differently about that. Someone I get along with and who is experienced in whatever discipline I choose to go with.
  • 11. If you could get a free pass (expenses paid) to any equestrian event, which one would you want to go to? I seriously have no clue. I would love to go to the NFR.
  • 12. Favorite tack store? There aren't too many tack stores around here. :( My best place is the local co-op (farm store.) And I don't know of many good western shops!
  • 13. Favorite riding outfit? Jeans, boots and preferably a long sleeved shirt so my arms don't get hurt on trails, haha!
  • 14. Boots or polos? I love splint and SMB boots. I'm too paranoid that I'll wrap the polo's wrong and hurt something.
  • 15. Least and most favorite horse chore. I honestly don't have one. I love mucking stalls and cleaning tack, it's just proof that I own a horse and after years of waiting, the hard work doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I guess if I had to choose, my least favorite would be cleaning my saddles and my favorite..I don't know, lol!
  • 16. Which rider do you look up most to?I love Stacy Westfall and Buck Brannaman. :)
  • 17. Most important thing that you've learned from riding/horses that you will always remember? Patience, maybe. I've learned too many things to just name one.
  • 18. Scariest ride you've ever had? Probably when Red was barn sour and I let him bolt me into the woods. Totally my fault, I had only been riding for a few months and I let him get away with everything.
  • 19. What is your ultimate goal that you hope to someday achieve? I really want to master riding tackless and be able to go out in the pastures and ride bridleless/tackless. :)
  • 20. Favorite season for riding and why? Probably Spring or Fall. Not too cold or hot and it's always beautiful outside!
  • 21. Your horse's favorite treat.He loves the brown sugar carrot treats I bought him at Co-Op, need to go get more!
  • 22. Who was the first horse you ever took a lesson on? I've never really taken a lesson, but when I first rode Red, my cousin who did used to give lessons put me in the round pen and we did a little lesson on how to do stuff and etc.
  • 23. Your most embarrassing riding moment? I don't get embarrassed easily, haha, but maybe when my mom made me work on mounting bareback in front of people and I looked like an idiot while my saintly horse just stood there. ;)
  • 24. If you could train with anyone in the world, who would it be and why? Probably either Stacy Westfall or Buck, I love their way with horses and that they do Natural horsemanship along with a few other things. :)
  • 25. What is your most favorite and least favorite thing about the equestrian world? My favorite is just being with horses, you can't beat that. :) Least favorite is probably the competitiveness or judgmental people. Gotta love snobs!

And now, off to go babysit. ;)


  1. Oh yay! glad I am not the only one who doesn't like competitiveness!

  2. I love questionnaires! Also, both of us started riding around the same age.