In which mom rides a Unicorn.

Well, it looked like one, at least. Minus the horns.

We've been working our tails off on the property for 3 days straight, started fencing yesterday and it's becoming more real now. We've ended up meeting probably 15 new people that have just driven by and stopped to introduce themselves. The other day, I noticed a grey horse out in the property and thought it looked like an Arab, well, we ended up meeting her owner and the man, obviously a very, ahem, country, man, said she hadn't been ridden in a really long time. Her mother died on the property and he hadn't fooled with her since...well, upon hearing that we had horses and planned to bring them home soon, he got inspired to tack the old 17 year old mare (that didn't look nor act a day over 10) up and bring her over. Mom, being the insane person that she is, excitedly dropped her tools and hopped on as soon as he offered. Arabians and Appaloosa's are her favorites and she couldn't wait to get on. She took it slow since the mare hadn't been ridden in forever, the mare kept slinging her head but she was amazing for being out of work for so long. Mom cantered her around for a few minutes but the stirrups were way too long and the mare was getting hyped up, so she slowed and took her for a walk around the property before she handed the reins over to the man. Apparently, all he does is run her because as soon as he mounted, she took off and had a little bronco moment up in the pasture. ;)

We got back to work and the man untacked her and brought over his tractor to help us, gotta love nice country folks. ;)

Got a bunch of posts up!

We worked on digging holes and getting the posts in, got some "no trespassing" signs up for the annoying hunters and punks that think it's hilarious to drive 4-wheelers around and mess up the pasture. Jeff has scared a couple of them away so hopefully they'll pass the word along that a big man is living there now and will call the police on them. ;) I'm babysitting at the moment so they can put more posts in. We're hoping to start putting the barbless wire up within the next day. No barbs, haha. We're doing 5 strands so Spirit has less of a chance of jumping it.

The road that is on the right leads straight to our house. You just walk down a little ways and turn right and there we are! If you go straight, you're about 2 miles from the barn they are at now. :)

The area where the two small trees are was completely grown up with briars and bushes.

We're still aiming for them to be home by fall, but depending on weather and etc, we may have them home sooner...I'm hoping for sooner. ;)

Riding on Thursday or before, not sure. Paid board for the Redman today, need to have a farrier out soon to trim Spirit and Red.


  1. Make sure you cap your T-posts. In the west we use old cowboy boots turned upside down over the posts, but you can also buy caps for the posts. Horses can kill themselves on them if they aren't capped.