I'm very excited.

My bridle came!

 Of course, I'll do a better review on it when I use it (probably tomorrow or the next day..) but as of right now, I'm very pleased. The leather is really sturdy but not too stiff, it's the exact color I was hoping for, it has the little western touch but it could definitely work for English as well without me looking like a Rodeo Queen turned Dressage Princess. ;) My only complaint was that they kind of stuffed it in the plastic bad and it was squished up so I had to fix everything up, but that's fine. It came with instructions on how to ride in it, lunge with it, put it together, fit it and everything. I love that they gave explanations of why it wouldn't work, like the chinstrap may be too tight or too loose, the browband could be too tight or too loose and etc. It's very versatile for different headshapes. I got the medium, which fits the average horse size.


I love love love the color of it, the leather seems to be in great shape and even though I read some reviews on it and they said the leather was too stiff and the chinstrap felt "papery," I haven't noticed an issue with that at all. I didn't know there was going to be an engraving on the top of the browband that says "Dr. Robert Cook" and I kind of wish that had been on the website, but the leather work is actually very pretty. It seems to be very well-made and I love that they sent an in-depth instruction manual. The shipping was very fast and the customer service is perfect. It's versatile and it will look good for both of my disciplines.


The conchos seem a little on the cheap side and I'll probably replace them later on, I don't mind it because I won the giveaway, but for the price they ask, they should at least include reins. I got one of the more expensive bridles because why not, and I definitely would NOT have paid that much money for one unless I was rich or planned on showing in it. I wish they had described the bridle a little better online, I'm happy with my choice but it was kind of just guesswork. I couldn't see it in brown until I searched their facebook page and pretty much all they said about it is it's a Western leather headstall with conchos. I didn't know what to expect. :))

Full review should be up after I ride. :)


  1. Yay! Nice. I can't wait to see how Red looks in it.

  2. Looks great. Hope Red likes it. It will be interesting to see how it works for you.