So..uh, I've been a slacker. I actually rode on Sunday and completely forgot to post about it because life kinda sorta got insane and awful that night, so y'all get to hear about my lovely ride today.

I managed to get a ride out there with mom and told her that I didn't want to ride with anyone unless it was her so I could have a more relaxed ride with Red after our terrible ride the weekend before, so I ended up in the round pen tackless while mom groomed Spirit and checked out his newly injured knee. (Just a scrape but a bit swollen, that horse never fails to get injured right before a ride.) So we just kind of relaxed and did whatever we felt like. We did a lot of walk/trot/canter and I worked on my seat and posture a little. I hadn't ridden bareback in....a long time, so I was kind of a fail in the beginning but I slowly started improving and I actually stayed on when he started loping. Woot!! Last time we loped bareback it didn't really end well. :))

I'm literally amazed at how well he's coming along. He's collecting himself so well with zero tack at all and is really starting to do even better with the extended trot thing.

Also, random before I continue, some people got confused when they saw the halter on in some of the photos, I wasn't using it, I just had it on and forgot to take it off, the lead wasn't connected, haha.

 We started doing some trotting laps around the round pen and I stuck my arms out and tried to balance myself, if you follow my instagram (trot_away) you'll have seen the videos. I did well until he started loping them I almost lost my balance. I need to improve a bit with my seat.

On a good note regarding my EQ, my heels stayed down the majority of the time, back was straight and hands were low. Red does really well with leg pressure and I really have almost no need to use my hands too severely or have the reins tight unless he's just being stubborn, so I've been working on that..a lot.


All in all our ride was really productive and just relaxing. He did perfect, like he always does tackless. Keeps me safe when it matters the most. ;) This is why I'm thinking about getting a bitless bridle as opposed to my hack to see what he does. Less metal, less jabbing on his face. I don't have anything wrong with hacks or bits at all but if my horse does better and likes less on his face, why have a ton of stuff?


I was curious to see how he'd do being so close to the barn, in the round pen for the first time in forever, in the cold, with the horses neighing in the barn. It was dinner time so I was wondering about that as well but he did super well and was patient enough.


May be riding this weekend if the rain stays away, gonna be 59 degrees! Woohoo!!!

And before I leave, here's Cowboy enjoying our unexpected 5 inches of snow.


  1. Cowboy is so freaking cute! I wonder how an adorable fluffball of a mini would do on my small patio? hmmm...

    1. Haha!! Just be prepared for sassy'ness! ;) We're getting another one this Spring....I'm crossing my fingers that the foal will be a mare...breeding, perhaps?

  2. The snow pictures of Cowboy are both beautiful and adorable.

  3. Glad you had a good ride!! I wonder if some of your tack doesn't fit quite right bc he always looks so much better tackless!!

    Always love seeing your tackless pics!

    Cowboy is too cute!

    1. Thanks! I've thought the same thing but I've checked everything and had others check it and the stuff fits properly....my aunt said he always did better bareback anyways so I think he just dislikes tack, LOL.

    2. Ah ok.. well hey thats cool he likes it and something you can really develop with him since it seems like you like it too! :)