Too cold for happiness.

Sooo.....the low for almost every night this week is -0. Yeah, not happy. Red had no blanket. Therefor I had to run to the nearest tack shop after looking EVERYWHERE for one (AND making an ad online) and spend $125+ on a blanket.

But on the brightside, it matches his halter and lead and I NEVER find colors that match his halter and lead. Curse the random colors.

"I is a fuzzy wuzzy cuddly ponykinz"

It was like 20 degrees so we didn't stay long. Red was happy to see me and stood for me to put the blanket on like a happy and warm pony. One thing I love about him-he couldn't care less about standing while being tacked up, blanketed and etc. Nor does he care about the huge blanket being thrown over his head.

We bought a tiny bag of some treats for Cowboy at the tack store, I think they were carrot & brown sugar flavored. Well, Red went insane. He eats his apple treats but won't do much for them, but I gave him one and he was literally CHASING me in the barn trying to find more. Gotta get a big bag of them to store if he likes them that much. :))

He was also smiling when I poked his lip, which is adorable. Happy to see that he is still doing the trick and remembers.
That mane....wild man

"A" said he was pretty stiff walking down the hill today, so she gave him a bute and he was fine when I got to the barn, so apparently he was okay. ;) ;) I think it was from the extreme cold and snow today. The ground was iced over, it was freezing, plus he was stalled yesterday....po boy can't catch a break. :))

Pony boy gets the week off, without a doubt, I can't ride in below freezing temps. :)) But after that....back to work we go.


  1. Cute blanket! Followed you on Instagram!

  2. Glad you got a blanket for him. I always like to be prepared so I don't get caught out like that.
    Cool that the colors matches his halter.

  3. Brrr..cold. I'm glad you got a blanket for him, and it's cool it matches his halter too.

  4. Cute blanket!! :) I despise winter... So much. We're supposed to have a -45 windchill on Monday. Yuck!

  5. Great blanket! and love the new look for the blog!