Thoroughly Ticked.

Before I start this I'd like to let L from Viva Carlos know that her birthday present is still being worked on. ;) Yes, a very belated birthday present that is now more like a Christmas present but whatever, it'll be worth the wait, I assure you all. ;)

"AM" let us know today that she got in touch with the manager at the parade. According to her-and she was very nice when I talked back and forth to her before the parade-the horses were NEVER supposed to be near the traffic. We were supposed to stay IN the parking lot, away from dangerous cars and the noise, then join about a mile away from the rest of the people. Which would've kept Red from being so terrified. If that had happened, I have no doubt that the night would've gone swimmingly. But it didn't. The mounted policewoman kept trying to get us in the wrong place, because, as we ALL assume, they were show off's. I have nothing against police officers, please understand, but it was kind of obvious by the way she acted all around. As the title states, I'm thoroughly ticked off.


  1. As I said before, take it all as a learning experience:)

  2. Sorry the parade didn't work at as originally planned :(