(See last post for info on why I'm posting this, LOL)


The above photo is currently the only good one I could find of him with the saddle and pad on. Tomorrow I'll be heading to the barn if I don't have to take my brother somewhere, and I'll take better ones. Can y'all tell anything about the fit in this photo??  What do you guys think of the pad?


  1. Ah - that looks fine. The pad I mean. It is hard to tell fit from a picture, but it looks ok. It almost looks like the saddle is set a bit too far forward, but I would need a side-shot to completely confirm this. I don't see anything wrong with using that pad? It's not actually a half pad, it's a shaped pad, not a square one.

  2. Can't tell anything about fit in this photo. Take one from each side and one from the back (at least). Do it with and without the saddle pad.

  3. Ohhh. That's not the half pad like you posted before, that's like a shaped hunter-type pad.

    Really hard to tell fit from that pic...if you have time to get some from different angles, might be able to help...

  4. The pad looks fine to me. Can't really say much about the saddle fit at this angle.

  5. The saddle is way too far on his shoulder, is the only thing I really see. You probably want to shift it back a whole hand's length. This is a dressage saddle, but you can see from the picture what you don't want to block: http://www.rebalancesaddlefitting.com/img/shapeimage_3a.jpg

    So you want the pommel to be right behind the shoulder blade. Like here's a pretty decent pic: http://www.easychangefitsolution.com/img/assess_fit/2_seat_level.jpg

    And here's a good post: http://fourwinds.net/why-saddle-fitting/

    Otherwise it's hard to tell about fit. And I hate to break it to you, but that saddle pad will be pretty difficult to use with a half pad. You usually want to scoop the spine of the pad off of the horse's whither along with the half pad. Uh, kind of like this lady is doing: http://api.ning.com/files/EOwvXxPjrLfejDLU2MPnbpf-CWne66nXqQ8z0HyMPcz*LwAOaO9tg*lC4FwE0K1JkVQXQazJ0mRzlPF09d-k7IqX4HGKiaW0/wither_space.jpg

    If you had asked me first, I have a half pad you could have tried AND some extra english pads that would be much better!! If you see the cut of modern pads, they usually have a little dip upwards in the whither area to provide the whither relief! http://www.interstyle-reitsports.com/images/Saddlepad/Saddle%20pad_012.jpg

    I bought a really cheap half pad off of amazon that I love. http://www.amazon.com/Fleece-Wither-Pad-Standard-White/dp/B0015PX1R8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1386778833&sr=8-3&keywords=half+pad

    Really cheap, but wasn't too bulky and gave just enough support!

    1. Thanks for the links!!!! I'd rather just use a pad rather than a pad or halfpad, less is more, so if the pad works by itself, I'll just use it by itself....I'll have to try the different things out and see which works better. I'm too used to Western and the bulky pads, lol. I bought a pad off of smartpak (posted the link on the last post) and I'm hoping it'll work. I'll have to ask the English rider at the barn for some tips on it.

      Yeah, I had untacked him and then remembered to take a photo so I just did the girth loosely and put the saddle back on, hence it being so far up.

      I keep forgetting we live so close to each other. LOL. You should come out one day and help me figure this junk out, lol.

    2. I mean there's not anything wrong with the pad you're using, either, I just have a preference against them- but like I said, just a personal thing :) I'd love to come help if you ever have any questions! Honestly I have some western gear in the back of my car that I will never use, someone just gave it to me, that I'd be glad to see if you want. I can't remember what it is off the top of my head, though.

  6. Pad is fine -- it's just a fleece shaped pad for showing, but you can use it to practice in no problem. Fit is tough to tell from this angle.