We did it!

I still haven't ordered Red's stinking papers. Money isn't the issue, it's the time. We have to sit down and do it and that's the issue. Soooonnnnn...I'm gonna guess after Christmas now, though. Unless someone decides to surprise me with his papers for Christmas which would be totally fine. BUT I did manage to find his breeder's address so I just finished writing a letter and just sent it, including my email. I couldn't find his email anywhere so I had to go the old fashioned route and send a letter. Hopefully he'll respond. Through email preferably so I get it sooner. Now, I'll just have to wait. How long does it take for a letter to get to MN from TN? Lol! Hopefully not too long. Cross your fingers for baby pictures and dam/sire information so I can do more research before I get his papers. Will keep y'all posted even though I have no clue if you guys care, you'll have to deal with me. ;)

Paying Spirit's board tonight, weather is going to be in the 30's all week with rain so I'm gonna guess no riding for a couple days. :P I'm hoping to get a little ride in today or maybe lunge him.