Feeling a bit better with some tylenol in my system and I decided to "steal" this little q&a from Viva Carlos and Slow and Steady Wins The Race. ;)

1. Favorite thing about riding? The peace I get from it, the thrill of the ride, getting to prove to everyone that my horse can do it and beat their expensive horses in a second, I just love horses! Being around them, feeling my horse become willing and seeing the improvements.

2. Draft horse or pony? Honestly, neither. I don't really like riding ponies and I don't really like drafts because they are hard to keep and they eat. A lot. I'll stick with an average/taller horse. No shorter than about 14.3 HH and no taller than 18HH.

3. English or western? I love both, but my saddle of choice tends to be Western. Just depends!

4. Dressage or Hunter/Equitation? I LOVE dressage!

5.Green horse or trained horse? Trained. While I do think I could handle a slightly green horse right now, I'd much rather have a solid horse.

6. Worst fall? I haven't really fallen badly quite yet.

7. First fall, what happened? Slipped off bareback, Red looked at me like "what are you doing on the ground, my servant?"

8. Have you ever wanted to quit riding? There was a time that I was just burnt out on all of the rude equestrians, but I never wanted to quit because of it. I just wanted to run away on my horse. ;)

9. Favorite thing about your horse? There are so many things. Honestly, I think my favorite part is the connection we have together. I can say, without a doubt, he loves me right back.

10. Least favorite thing about riding? It's pricey.

11. What does the fox say? Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow! ;)

12. Do you prefer to ride inside or outside? Oh wow. I mean, I do all of my riding outside and I LOVE it, but what I wouldn't give for an indoor...

13. Do you show? Nope. Hope to soon though. Red and I aren't quite ready.

14. How long have you been riding? September 4th made a year.

  15. Why did you start riding? Because I got a horse. ;) Lol. Honestly, go back to the first question and read my answer. Because it's the only time I am truly at peace, because I love it, etc.

16. How many times a week do you ride? It totally depends. Typically, twice a week. Although recently I've been in the saddle WAY more. Weather kind of hurts my plans a lot. Stupid Tennessee weather and it's bipolar-ness.

17. Have you ever fallen off at a show? How? Well, I don't show...

18. Ever fallen onto a jump? Does Red jumping over a little log and me almost dying count? ;)

19. Ever been bucked off? No, but I guess you could consider Red's canter as a buck, LOL.

20. Do you have a private or group lesson? sadly, I don't take lessons, but I do a lot of work with other people at the barn that definitely know what they are doing. So, I guess I have group lessons of sorts. Sometimes private.

21. In your opinion does it make you less of a rider if you don't own a horse? No. If anything, it makes me think that they are a bit more dedicated in it. I have the freedom to go out and ride whenever I want on my horse, but they have to schedule, pay for lessons and etc. It's a lot less...easy? I guess.

22. Trick riding or eventing? Eventing. Never did get into trick riding that much!

23. What discipline do you want to try? Why? I'd love to learn how to rope. Maybe some Dressage. And cattle work. Red loves the cattle work and ranch type stuff, as do I. And he was trained previously for dressage and has a lot of the tendencies still. Plus it's pretty...

25. Ever had barn drama? Very little drama on very little subjects.

26. How many barns have you been too? As in to visit or board? I've boarded at one. Visited maybe 3 or 4?

27. Do you plan on having horses in your life, for the rest of your life? Lord willing, yes. I can't picture myself without them.

28. Favourite tumblr equestrian? I don't do Tumblr, LOL.

29. Favourite tumblr horse? ^^^^^

30. If you could ride any famous horse (dead or alive) who would it be? Why? I LOVE Hollywood Dun It. I'm a huge reining fan and he was just gorgeous.

31. Does winning ribbons matter to you? Like I said, I don't show, but honestly, it's not about money, ribbons or buckles. It's about going out, giving it your all and building a partnership with your horse.

32. Do you show? No.

33. Worst riding experience? The scariest was when Red took me up a super steep hill and into the woods, I have a big scar on my back from one of the tree limbs and yeah, not fun. But, he hasn't done it since then. We've built a bond together and he respects me too much to do that. Lack of respect, not happening. One of the most blah rides I've had was when I was having issues with depression and etc. He did so good and was amazing but I was just so blah'ed out and it made the ride so bad. Definitely blame myself for that bad day.

34. Ever been on a trail ride? Lol, every time I ride.

35. Hunter or Jumper? I like both, but if I were to do either, I'd probably do Jumpers.

36. Why did you start riding? Haven't I already answered this?? Lol.

37. Ever wanted to buy a school horse? I've never taken lessons or been around any of those horses, so no. Although I suppose Red would count since he was a lesson/school horse.

38. How many times a week do you ride? GRR already answered this, lol.

39. Ever ridden a horse 17hh+?  No. Tallest I've ridden is like 16.1 or 16.2..Still a bit short for my taste, hahaha!!!

40. Ever ridden a horse 13hh or under?  Oh yes. First time I ever rode, I rode a little pony named Squeeky who belonged to my aunt, the same one who owned Red. Little guy was feisty!

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