Went to get the blankets off of the ponies today for the BM, Red and Spirit. I feel completely terrible right now and I'm aching, chilling and moaning from a stupid fever and a stuffy nose. Not my idea of the best day. Started yesterday night and I was like-
Are you kitten me right meow?

Because, guess who had to go outside in the freezing cold the next day to get blankets off of horses that really like to be in the back pasture, wayyyy far away. Oh yeah, moi.

So I went, my mom was a saint and she unblanketed them. According to her-and a photo that I haven't gotten to my EMAIL YET, grrr-Red's blanket was unsnapped on the bottom, over his neck with one of the little snaps for under his stomach, like, over his ear. And it was muddy, like, soaked. But mom said he was the perfect gentleman out of the group, stood for her, never budged. Spirit did good, of course his blanket was on perfectly. Guess I'm gonna go and clean off my horse soon....

Honestly, I wouldn't be posting about this but I wanted to complain.  Also, due to unforeseen circumstances-AKA bad planning, NOT on my part-I may not be able to attend the parade. Sooo...crossing my fingers for one of the things to be put off until another day.
when i am sad i shall eat chocolate and sing happy songs.
Oh wait, I can't have chocolate because of lactose intolerance and I have no voice. No happy songs.


  1. I have a horrible voice. I sing anyway. :)

    Feel better soon!!

  2. I hope you get better soon! Instead of chocolate, try eating cookies or something. :)