Sunshine Award

Thanks everyone who nominated me, ya know, for nominating me!! :)
The Sunshine Award is for people who "positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere." The nominee must do the following: thank the person who nominated her, nominate ten bloggers of her own, answer the ten questions given to her, and post them and the Sunshine Award button to her blog.

  1. Mares or Geldings?: I prefer geldings. I really liked Amanda's answer. It seems like this is a huge debate between everyone and my friends with mares think their mare is better/more willing than my gelding and vice versa. I personally like mares as well, as long as they aren't hormonal and nippy. I had a miniature mare and loved her to death, but I've met one certain mare that was a typical mare. Hormonal. Nippy. I'd rather own a gelding, but I would take a good mare.
  2. English or Western?:I prefer Western, although I'm going to begin riding English occasionally soon. I like both and don't really have a preference.. It also depends on the horse and what I want to do that day, haha!!
  3. Do you prefer younger or older horses?:It totally depends on their attitude. Red is 12, not young or old, kinda in the middle. He's in his prime and I love his age, although I do wish I could've had him since he was a colt, I don't know how it would've fared. ;)
  4. Have you trained a horse from ground zero?:No, although I've helped with a lot of stuff like that.
  5. Do you prefer riding or groundwork?: I enjoy both. I mean, I love riding, but I also love being on the ground, running around and just playing with my horse, lunging, doing some groundwork. Groundwork is the foundation.
  6. Do you board your horse or keep it at home?: I board. I'd love to keep them at home but I'm not able. Maybe one day.
  7. Do you use all natural products or commercial?: I don't really understand this question....I'm guessing you mean feed and etc? In that case, mostly natural. I feed a lot of beet pulp, alfafa and etc. Red gets the most natural stuff because it helps with his skin, plus with his foundering awhile back he does better on more natural based stuff.
  8. All tacked up or bareback?: As of right now, all tacked up. I really love riding bareback but Red has a really rough gait that I haven't gotten a hang of quite yet. I'm improving, but I don't think I could sit his lope for very long bareback.
  9. Equestrian model?: Stacy Westfall is one of my favorites. :) I really enjoy watching her tackless rides and bridleless rides.
  10. What's your one main goal while being in the horse world?: To treat my horse with the fairness he deserves, to improve our bond and become a good Equestrian. :)
Now, my 10 nominees! Most of y'all have already been awarded this award so sorry! ;) And I don't have time to tag everyone, and the majority have already been awarded, so if you see your blog tagged, post! (Unless you already have posted!) 99.9% of the blogs I follow HAVE been awarded so there will be repeats ;) These are just a list of ten of my favorites. (in no order!)

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! :) I honestly have almost zero huge goals for us, but I fail to see it as a bad thing. I have small goals, like gallop, take him to a show one day, etc, but I like focusing on just having fun and going along as the journey continues!

  2. I love Stacy Westfall -- her rounds on her old horse in Freestyle Reining were amazing!

    1. I loved her and Roxy!! They had such an amazing bond, definitely one of my biggest inspirations!!

  3. Thank you! I love what you said for #1. I also prefer geldings, but I have nothing against mares.

  4. Yay starting to ride english a little :)

  5. I love mares. I really have only liked one gelding and that's a horse named Kiowa. Mares to me seem more peppy and yes sometimes moody. I like those attributes because it makes the ride more exciting. Although I have nothing against Red. :) I do like mares more than geldings.