Just walking my pony.

Went back out to the barn to drop stuff off and check on the ponies. We meant to spend more time there but we ran into someone at wal-mart before we went to the barn and talked for awhile ;P Oy vey. Anyways, we still spent a good 45 minutes there just to hang out. Red was in the run-in stall so I went in and took some burs out of his mane. I didn't bother to comb his mane because it still looked okay, but I brushed him out a little so he wasn't filthy. I found a dead squirrel. In. The. Trough. I may or may not have yelled for R to come get it out. Apparently, it drowned. Yuck. Red wasn't fazed by the ordeal and was like, "Woman, why are you hiding behind me?"

I hooked a lead around his neck and tried to get him out to no avail, made him go in a circle or three and he was out. At one point, he went back in so I just walked away and soon my pony was running after me. ;)I slipped the lead around him again and walked him around and played for awhile. Mom managed to get a video of us running with the lead, but not without it ;P Oh well! I'm trying to figure out how to upload the video to youtube from the phone and I'm thinking the only quick way is to be upload it straight to youtube from the phone's internet. :P So, I'll hopefully have it up today because I really, really love the video. :)

Sometimes it's really nice to just get out and work on stuff without riding. Red doesn't lack ground manners. He's possibly the most polite horse I've ever came across. He doesn't get all up in your business, he doesn't just stay away and sulk behind you, either. He's one of those horses that just stands next to you and hangs out. I have NEVER had a problem with nippiness, him being intrusive or running into people. I was discussing him with my mother yesterday after we did our work and she said she was really impressed with him. First of all, mom always said that she doubted Red could do much other than be a typical good trail horse. When I got him, I thought the same. She was always the one to rein me in when I got excited about the possibility of showing him eventually because he had so many problems, not just with skin, but with his 'tude. He was never mean, just sassy and stubborn. Lazy is the perfect word. But yesterday, she said something I never thought I'd hear her say. She said that she actually thinks if I were to ever show, Red could do it. At this point of time, she believes that with some help from a trainer, Red and I could actually go far. We can't afford a trainer right now, but I do have some friends and family members that have a ton of experience and would be just as good, so I'm hoping to get one of them out. Soon. I'm still looking for a cheap English saddle but I have no clue what to look for. At this point, I don't want to pay over $70. That sounds cheap to you fancy English riders but I've seen some good saddles for sale here for cheaper and I'm not going to splurge on a fancy one until I know I'm going to enjoy it.I could sit in it once and Red and I could both hate it. Here's the thing, I don't know what size to get, what type to look for, etc. Any tips??

Anyways, here are the photos from yesterday.

I know I'm biased but is he gorgeous or what?

One of the reasons I was so excited about him doing this, other than knowing we've officially formed a special bond and he wants to run around and play with me, is that if I were to ever show him in halter classes, he knows his walk/trot/canter cues for the ground. Canter is still a bit iffy, but we're workin' on it. I mean, we're still working on it undersaddle as well. How good at it can he be within four rides of actually cantering?? :)) Right now, if I were to show, the only problems are,
  1. I don't have a trailer.
  2. Red's sweet itch still exists, it's better, but it's still there and I don't want to walk into a show ring with a horse that has a bald tail. ;)
  3. I am in no way shape or form show ready. I don't know what to do, what type of showing I'd even want to do, what kind of training to do, etc etc. Tips are greatly appreciated ;)
  4. Finances. Big big big big
  5. Time. Even bigger than the big big big big one.
On a good note, I do have friends with trailers so I'd have a ride somehow.

I'm still researching different types of shows. Here are the ones I'm kinda sorta considering:
  1. Ranch Pleasure. This is a biggy. I think we'd both enjoy the more laid-back type of showing and Red knows and enjoys the things he'd have to do.
  2. Western Pleasure. This is iffy. I don't know if I even like WP any more because of all of the drugged horses and honestly? Red's headset is not Western Pleasure. ;)
  3. Working cow horse. This. Would. Be. Fun. I don't know how in the world I could practice but Red has proved to me that he still has cow sense.
  4. Trail Class. Oh, we have that down already. I have very little doubt that with some training, we'd be placing well.
  5. Halter. Like I said, Red needs to get his cues down but I think he'd be good.
Right now the ones I'm most interested in is Ranch Pleasure, working cow horse and trail class. I think trail would be a good way to start everything. He's comfortable doing that stuff, and it would get us used to doing stuff in front of people watching to win something instead of just riding around. I think I'd be less bummed out if I didn't win trail than if I didn't at least place in RP. Plus I have all of the needed tack for everything but Western Pleasure and Halter. We shall see.

(Also looking through the photos Red looks filthy but it's because it was nasty and rainy so don't judge us ;)


  1. Does Annabelle's owner or someone else there have an English saddle you could borrow just to sit on? If you hate it, no reason to go and buy one...also, I'm sure you know this but a lot of places will let you take saddles on trial. That's the best way to find out if it fits. As far as what kind to get, that really depends on what you want to do--dressage, jumping, flat stuff? Your $70 saddles often fit poorly and/or fall apart easily, so might be easier for everyone involved to borrow an English saddle till you know whether you like it or not (and save some $$$, lol), if you can.

    Ranch Pleasure, working cow, and trail look fun! Plus they're more focused on what *real* Western horses do! I'd totally try any of them in a heartbeat. :)

    1. I may ask her if I can borrow it for a little ride in the round pen to see what I think....a friend of mine has an Australian saddle that I may try as well, it'll give me a bit of the feel of an English saddle...I'll do mostly flat stuff. Probably no jumping. ;) I may try out dressage eventually if Red is up for it and it depends on what I think about English overall.

      That's what I like about those! One of the things I dislike most about Western Pleasure is how drugged and lazy the horses are. That's not what a Western horse should look like in my opinion!!

  2. One day I want to show reining :) Till then I will stick with my hunter shows haha!

    1. I looove reining!! It would be a possibility, but I'm not sure if Red would be able to do the sliding stops, at least safely... Who knows!!

  3. I would suggest picking a show you might consider taking Red to in the future, and going as a spectator first. I think it would be so helpful to see what classes they offer, how the show is run, who wins (and who doesn't), what they wear, etc.

    Also, on the saddle front, I would definitely try to borrow one for a while before purchasing a saddle. Just like any saddle, fit for both horse and rider are extremely important. While I don't think you have to spend a fortune to get a nicely fitting english saddle, I don't think $70 is going to do it -- I would plan more around the $100-$200 range at least.

    1. I'm definitely going to find some shows around here and attend! :) I want to make sure I'm gonna like everything before paying to get in, getting stuff to show in and possibly paying a trainer to help me before a show, haha!!

      Yes, going to borrow a friend of mine's!! I know someone selling a good one for $125 and she said if I was interested I could get it for $85, but I'll have to check out sizing differences and etc before I splurge, haha!!!!

  4. I think from reading your blog and getting to "know" you and Red, you would really really enjoy Trail and Ranch Pleasure. I think you would HATE Western Pleasure. It is all about politics and looking "pretty" and less about your effective communication with your horse, which is what you desire most. You should see if everyone could get together and build a small bridge, mailbox on a stick, gate to open and shut, etc. and you could practice on a trial course! I love trail, it is way too much fun!

    Just my 2 cents! I'm so glad your enjoying Red!

    1. That's what I'm thinking....I don't like Western Pleasure all that much anymore. Honestly, I like my pretty tack, but I don't think a horse should just be judged on stuff like that. When I first got into horses, I honestly loved the idea, but now that I'm so much further into it, I just don't like it! We've already done some gate practice, we really need to get a little bridge and a mailbox now!