Barn visits.

Went by the barn today after a doctors appointment for myself. Not a long trip but got some cuddles in with my favorite boy.
Red was very interested in his salt block, but as soon as I came in the stall, he gave me one of his little "hugs" and carried on with his treat while I literally hung on his neck. He puts up with a lot!

Spirit's acting better today. We think he has some stone bruises. :P Ugh, but fixable. We may invest in some boots, but I need ideas. He has very tiny feet, kinda like an Arabian, and I don't know what size he needs or a brand. Any ideas??

My boy!


  1. Most of the boot-selling people have sizing charts, and from what I've gathered you measure the horse's feet and then find the brand that works best size-wise, in your price range and for your discipline. Some of them are meant just for shorter trail riding and others for longer and faster riding. I'm just starting this process myself with River though, so not an expert! :)

    1. Thanks for the tips!! For now we'll need them for trail riding.