Okay, a disclaimer before I post these-I look extremely bumpy in the saddle, I have threeee reasons. Not excuses, but reasons. ;) ;) One of my stirrups was longer than the other. We tried to fix this but they were both on the last notch. I believe my right leg may be slightly longer than the left. Lol!! Desperately need to get a hole puncher out there....maybe not, though. I shall explain in a sec. Second excuse reason is I was constantly on slightly uneven ground and in the majority of the videos, I was going downhill. Third, the new saddle, as all new saddles do, was hurting my butt quite badly during this :)) It started getting better about halfway through the ride. Lol!!

Anywho, hope y'all enjoy my bumpy ride. Lol!! he did amazing yesterday! Also, got word from the lady that wanted to trade saddles. Meeting on Thursday at a huge equestrian facility that she manages, they raise, own and show POA'S!! :O Going to trade and I'm excited. Not excited for the drive there though ;) ;) Almost 2 hours away with fussy bebe's! :P