Mr. Spirit has hurt himself yet again. Got a call from A just a minute ago and he's lame on his back right leg. :P She thinks it may have been an abscess. Our farrier said he may need some shoes for a short period of time. His previous owner trimmed him herself and she didn't do bad but our farrier, C, didn't seem overly happy with it so that may be the root of our problems. Going out around 3'ish to ride Redhead and possibly Spirit if he's able, not going to push it though and if she rides him she'll keep him at a walk. We were planning on a quiet, bareback ride anyways so that may be what we do still. A said it's not overly bad but he's a little uncomfortable on it and limping a bit-as of yesterday, no ones been out yet today-so we shall see when we're there. We're big barefoot advocates but some horses just need shoes, so we'll see what's gonna happen soon. :P

Better post later.


  1. Ohhh...I'm sorry about that! I hope he gets better soon! Keep us updated!

  2. Sorry to hear that! Hope he get better quickly