The horse, with beauty unsurpassed, strength immeasurable and grace unlike any other, still remains humble enough to carry a man upon his back.

When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk. He trots the air, the earth sings when he touches it.
William Shakespeare
Okay, today's ride. Le sigh, where do I start? If perfect rides truly exist, this was in the top 5 of all time perfect rides. 

We had a football game to watch before we went to the barn-Go Vols!-so as soon it was almost over, we headed to the barn. We got there before everyone else, which was nice because it gave us more room to tack up and once everyone got there, we were ready to go. Mom tacked Spirit up in the barn and I tied Red to a fence post. He was really pushy up in the pasture when I was leading him down, but I think it was because the others-Bella, Bay, Tucker and someone else, I forgot, lol-were all up in our business and being pushy themselves. Bella-Bella wacked mom in the face with her head and received a very stern "no ma'am!" from mom. :)) Once we got down, he kept wanting to run in front of me but I think it was from flies. Once we got to the barn and I started fly spraying he settled down and fell asleep. Got him tacked up quickly and actually PUT MY SPLINT BOOTS ON CORRECTLY, yes, I remembered, and worked on our mounting and dismounting. One of his most annoying things is he moves when I mount sometimes and we're working on that now. I fake mounted-put one foot in the stirrup and stood there, then stood IN the stirrup, lol-about ten times then actually mounted three or so times. He did good. Then I got off and made mom braid his mane...she's my unpaid groom.
Oh so bootiful, Redman.
"Hang on, let me pose. "
After that I hopped on again and we just kinda hung out together for about 25 minutes while A and R tacked up. R, A's husband, came along this time. He rode Bay-Bay, who was very hyped today. :))
Seriously in love with his tack right now...everything MATCHES!! My bridle, reins, breast collar and saddle look like a set. Plus all of my red is the same shade. And almost everything was yardsale finds...splints were like $2, breast collar custom made, saddle was traded, reins and bridle were yardsale finds for like $20, pad was like $10...woot!
 Bay led the way for about two secs until Red decided he HAD to be right next to her. So we raced. Lol!! Red apparently needed to use the restroom so when he did he refused to go anywhere but behind a tree. LOL. Such a gentleman. Anyways, we trotted up ahead. Got Redman prepped for some work today. I love slow trail rides but if I don't start working him, he's gonna be all chubby and zero muscle! I actually think he enjoyed it though, I let the reins slack and he went faster voluntarily. Good boy! 

We rode around the trails, went the long way 'round. We went to the back pasture, about ten acres. When you go in, there's a fairly steep hill straight ahead so Red and I immediately went up it. I've never, never, never gone so fast up that hill. I felt like I was going to die. :)) :)) But we made it and after that we kinda had fun with it.
 Ignore my feet, time to shorten the stirrups. They keep slipping down!! grrrr
 We probably took the hill about ten times. He was really into it and we kept it at a trot most of the time but walked up it and went the easier way about five of those times. Cantered around the creek where it's a LOT cooler so he would cool off.

My horse has discovered he can high step.
Okay, so, we kept running past twigs. Finally, we found a bigger log, probably about the size of an average trot pole. He jumped it. Umm, Red, you aren't supposed to do that. I mean, it wasn't an eventing jump or anything but he hopped over it and scared me half to death. Proof he can do the cavalettis, lol. 

This ride was so much fun, we got tons of work done but I feel like we both enjoyed it and he liked being able to let loose without me pulling him back. I don't know why he was never worked because he likes it and I think I can improve his gait. I think some of his problems is his pasturns because they are a little straight, but we shall see. I think there's been improvement so far.

We also worked on turns and spins, nothing major, just teaching him the cues and trying to get him to listen more when I say we're NOT going to the gate. I told mom he looks like a reining horse in the picture up there, lol.

Spirit did really good today, too. Last real ride, Spirit was terrible and we now know why. :P His chin strap was missing on his bridle! We fixed it, lol. No pics of the pony because mom had the phone the whole time so I couldn't take photos for her.
Wish his ears were forward and my feet were in a better position but this is my favorite!
I really don't have a bad thing to say..he went down that steep hill that he refuses CONSTANTLY without very much fuss-I had to show him the crop but didn't even tap him with it-he had sassy moments at the barn before we left but that's normal, wanted to be next to Bay-Bay, and he had a couple other "oh no ya don't!!" moments but really, he did amazing.

Pats for the good pony.
I can't remember when we have had such a successful ride. It left me feeling really good about our training and our methods. He's doing so well. 1 year together and we're tackling so much and doing good at it. 

We went back towards the barn then, took the long way until A and mom went up the hill. R and I decided to take the trails the rest of the way. It takes longer but Red was starting to get tired and I wanted to take it easy. We ditched R about halfway and went up another way, he had decided to go ahead and untack her. Mom, A and I went up to the 4 acres for about two laps around there, in which Red decided he had another bolt of energy and raced Spirit. I didn't make him go any faster than a walk the whole time, if he was lazy,I would've because he needs work under his belt, but he literally wanted to go and I've always been told he NEVER NEVER went faster than a walk and was lazy. Yeah, not anymore. :)) After that we went ahead and untacked,sweat scraped and cooled them off. Took Red to his stall once he was cooled off and fed him dinner.

Gave him 3 treats too. He normally only gets one. ;) I splurged! 

We rode for a good two hours, I'd say. It was fun. Longest ride we've been able to have in awhile and we did a lot of groundwork beforehand. I'm proud. We had to get a good ride in before we left for FL. I'm hoping to ride bareback before.

Anyways, no schedule. Things are getting crazy now. Gotta start cleaning the house and preparing. We're about a week away so I have to start planning stuff, buying what we need. Gotta decide on books to buy before. :)) Any ideas? ;) I'll miss Redhead. 

Now, I must eat.


  1. The pics look great! Glad you got a good ride in. I only read books about english riding, but i just started a dressage novel that I heard is really good, and Im like it so far. Its called the Dressage Chronicles. :)