Out with the old, in with the new.

So, everyone that read one of my last posts about possibly buying a saddle off of Craigslist. We ended up going to look at it yesterday, talked with the guy some and he lowered the price down to $120. He threw in a breast collar and a Professional Choice saddle pad, yeah, one of those nice ones, like this.

Yeah, those pads alone sell for over $100 on Pro Choice's website. Those nylon collars aren't much but they go for about $20+ at a discount or yardsale. That saddle goes for, obviously over $100, but we didn't do research on the brand until we got home. But more on that in a sec, here are the photos I took right after we got it, before I cleaned and oiled it-
Ignore my saddle stand, LOL. Buzz Lightyear cars!!

Oh buzz..


Naturally, as soon as I get the time, I get my saddle soap out, some conditioner and stuff for the silver conchos and get to work. It took a good hour+ for it to really be where I wanted it. Very dusty, but not overly dirty if that makes sense. It's been stored inside so no mold. Here are the after photos-


Horn concho still needs work.

Had to make sure it was comfy.

Looks SOO much better, right?????? It looks darker, not just from being wet though. Used some stuff for saddles so it makes the leather darker and more polished looking. :D Woot for dark saddles.... I love brown but all of my stuff is darker, sooo.... Anyways, as I was instagramming a photo of the brand, I realized that it said THIS!

Ooh la la Circle A!!

So, me, being a lover of all "Circle" saddles, I googled the name, brand and number. Guess what. Guess. Stinking. What.

I FOUND THE SAME SADDLE. Same saddle. On sale. For a limited time. Price was $587, not counting shipping, normal price is over $800.

We got it, the pad, breast collar and somewhat junky and not-so-safe girth for $120.

WOOHOO for Craigslist.

Also, I found a lady who wants to trade her 15 inch barrel for  my 14 inch-for her daughter-so if I get that one and like it, this Circle A will go to mother dearest and I'll keep the new one. Here's the only photo I have:

Wish me luck!


  1. Nice deal! I have a strong suspicion my barrel saddle won't fit the horse I'm looking at. Kinda bums me out, its old and stiff now but still so comfy once its oiled up. And I agree selling saddles sucks.

  2. Sounds like an awesome deal. Congrats on the saddle!

  3. Awesome deal! It looks s nice once it's shined up.