A lesson horse turned.....?

For months, my little saying for the blog is "A lesson horse turned fancy" because that's what Red and I were and still are going for. However, we brought in Cowboy. Then Spirit. This blog mostly revolves around Red, but Spirit is in it quite a lot and Cowboy is here every now and then. I was curious, should my saying stay the same? Or should I change it? Part of me was thinking of a saying like "A ------ Quarter Horse & A spirited Appaloosa" for the header. I wrote a blank because I have no clue what to say before Quarter Horse. Sweet, came to mind. Fat also came to mind but I didn't like it cuz' ya know, kinda rude to poor ol' Redman... Any ideas??

Also made up a random new header. See my last post for the other choices. Which do y'all like? One of those or this one?

Possible new header for the blog. :) Photo from the photoshoot this Summer-I haven't posted all of them and this was one of the unseen ones-. Y'all like?


  1. I actually like this header. If wanted to involve Spirit in your phrase, then this header would be great. :)