Welcome to Ivy Hills.

We welcomed Annabelle the Thoroughbred to our farm, Ivy Hills, today!! :) We went out around 1'ish, C and his wife T brought her because the owner, we'll call her Am, doesn't have a trailer. A couldn't be out until 4 when she got off work. Everything was really, really calm when we got there. Am was out with Annabelle in the babies old pasture. Spirit, Patches, Raven, Trigger and Bella are in there with her now. They were all getting along really well. I don't think I've ever seen a more noticeable bond between a rider and her horse. Annabelle literally followed her everywhere, when Am moved her car, she chased after the car, whinnied after her. Am walked back in and you could just see the horse light up. It's one of those things that I envy and I hope people see in Red and I. We're working to it. He chased the fenceline after our car the other day, he doesn't want to leave my side, but man, the bond between Am and Annabelle was so awesome!! Even mom was wowed about it.

Red was on the other side of the fence napping with Bay, so I clipped his lead on and took him out front to see how he'd do, closer to her. He was totally chill with it, but bothered by flies, so I fly sprayed, brushed and sweat scraped him. Man it was hot today. The poor boy sweats so easy anyways, you would've thought it was about two hundred degrees hotter. He was acting comfortable despite that, so I decided to hop on bareback and ride him around to see how he'd act. We rode around for a second then stopped right in front of Annabelle and both of them barely passed each other a glance. Red got some lovin' out of C and mom and took a nap. We cantered up and down the hill a couple times, in the grass, and he was pushing for more speed. He *really* wanted to burn some rubber, apparently. Even though it was hot. We stuck to a canter, though. ;) His sweat+my not so sticky jeans=a slidey rider. :))
Goin' up!! And man I love his bubbly buttox. ;) ;) ;) Nice to see a BLACK, HAIRY tail again..

Cantering down the hill. Wish we were closer.

Trotty trotty trotty.

After we were about done with the cantering, we pretty much sat down near Annabelle and chilled out to talk. C complimented Red's halter. I heard him tell mom something about how great it was that I always wanted to be with my horse, stuff like that. Hahaha!! The boarder now knows that all I want to do is ride. Lol!!! Which, pretty much true...
I LOVE him in this picture...just wish the cars weren't back there! :) And yes, I'm sitting like a jockey. Why? Because I can.

I love this one. He's in mid "neeeeigh!"

Also, I decided to catch some Z's.

Red was pretty sleepy too.

And while Red IS pretty fantastic, I'm sure y'all want all the deets on miss. Annabelle. So here we go!

She is 22. 15.2. Chestnut. Thoroughbred. Retired Race horse, did place. Jumper/Dressage horse. Soon-to-be retired. 

She is a VERY sweet mare and I look forward to hanging out with her. :)


  1. Looks like she is a very sweet horse. Pretty too!

  2. She's adorable! I love Thoroughbreds. :)

  3. It's always so nice to hear these older guys and gals getting to retire happy and sound.

    1. It is! She'll be partially retired, ridden every now and then, lightly. Right now she needs the work so we're going on a ride with her tomorrow!