Trot, trot, trot, trot.

My title is so creative. Anywho, today has been insane. Met with some family that was in town at Cracker Barrel, stuffed my mouth, came home. Helped babysit kids. Felt even worse today than yesterday-dumb cold!!-and I'm really hoping I don't get a stupid sinus infection. Suffered through the evening, stressed out to the max, finally made it to the barn at 4:30. Went in the barn, said hello to my barn friends, went to Red's stall, said hello to the cutie patootie. Walked him out, everyone flanked to him and gave him some lovin' lovin'. He has a tiny bite mark above his tail. Took him off Anti-Fungal stuff because his neck was goin' bald and sure enough hair is growing again. Using the listerine mixture now and it's working well. Tied him after he got petted, checked him for thistles or anything that would hurt. Hopped on bareback-step-dad gave me a leg up so mounting was WAY easier hahaha-and we were off. Walked around the driveway for a few minutes..
Going up the hill

Up hill

Down hill! Do y'all see that stinking high step? Yes. He is becoming more graceful! BOOYAH!

I think I was looking at the sky and saying, "is it a bird? Is it a plane? I hope it's a unicorn!"

Made a few laps. Then. THEN. THEN! I trotted bareback. For the first time. Ever. Surprisingly, his trot *wasn't* as horrific as i'd thought it would be! Seriously guys, he has the roughest gait ever, but bareback it wasn't so bad. I'd actually rather trot than walk bareback now.
Trotty trotty

Love Brewski! :)

I decided to take him to the round pen after so step-dad opened gates and we were off.
He is so gorgeous. :O Tell me I'm not biased.


Trotted around in the round pen for a few minutes until he started bunny hopping from flies and I hopped off to go groom him and fly spray him. He was being so annoyed by them..he did SO much better outside the pen than inside, as usual he was testy because I was bareback but he did pretty good nonetheless and put up with my tight reins in the beginning. :)) :)) I'm proud of him. ;) ;) He listened to the cues well enough other than wanting to turn once we got to one spot in the pen. A's husband R drove by in his 4-wheeler and Red didn't even glance, just trotted along. :)) Love my boy! R looked at him and applauded him for not dumping me and then said, "well, even if he did throw you, you'd be fine because you have a bond." lol!

Ignore my bareback butt :P
After that David rode around with A holding tightly to him, me leading Red and Mom and step-dad taking pics! :)

Red got in a few Z's.
Like Reds butt hat?

 Once we were done I fly sprayed, brushed him out, groomed his mane and tail then took him outside. Or tried. He refused to leave my side, literally. He kept doing his hug thing and wrapping his head around my neck and wouldn't move. LOL. Poor baby wanted some more cuddles. :( Gave him a treat and pushed his butt out. :)) Spirit's leg is back to normal now, too. Thought we saw him favor it earlier but he just stepped weird in a more rocky area and is doing well.

Great ride today. :) No clue on the schedule this week. Next up is Spirit! Gonna round pen him and possibly lunge. Depends on how I feel and how he acts then. After that it's Red's turn again. Mom's free to ride in less than 2 weeks so she's excited.


  1. David is already going to be a horselover!

  2. How far do you live from the place you board Red? Are you able to go there everyday?

    1. I'm 3 miles away. :) I go several times a week, normally 5 to 6 days if not 7 days a week, but some days we're just too busy and can't make it to the barn. :)

  3. Oh that's nice! Only 3 miles...that must be a blessing! Glad to hear it!

    1. It is. I love it. We've talked about bringing the horses home one day-riding them there-so we can bathe them and just spend time with them at home. Nice having the ability to do stuff like that.

  4. Yum Cracker Barrel!

    Great pics!

    1. Thanks! And yes....My favorite place ever! And they have TONS of new horse stuff with bits on it..going back WITH my wallet this week ;)

  5. Love the pics. It must feel great to get a ride in at the end of a long, busy day.