The greening of Whitney Brown (AKA a girl and a horse named Bob)

The Greening of Whitney Brown:
I recently watched the movie The Greening of Whitney Brown, drawn by the cover with a horse, as per usual, I sat down and gave it a try.

Probably the worst movie ever. Seriously. But here's why! :D

The movie begins telling us about rich girl Whitney, a shop-a-holic with tons of fake friends who don't really trust or like her, unless money is involved. Which it typically is, because hey, she's rich! In short, Whitney's father loses his job and they must move to her grandfather's little farmhouse in the middle of nowhere-ville. Here, we meet "Bob" a huge, amazing Gypsy. He runs through the tiny house and walks down stairs like it's nothin'. As soon as this happened, I lost all hope for a good horse movie. In real life, "Odd Job Bob" is a fantastic horse with amazing training, so it's somewhat realistic, I suppose, but still.


Whitney begins missing her friends almost immediately and hates farm life, and Bob in the beginning. But soon, while walking home from school after not wanting to be in the rugged old truck of her father's, she hops on Bob bareback-TACKLESS might I add-and they gallop off.

I'm sorry, but NO girl who has never been around a horse a day in her life will ever be able to gallop bareback tackless. Don't care how amazing the horse is. Maybe at a walk or trot, but gallop???? Anyone ever done that the first day with a horse?

Bob and Whitney ride around a lot, bareback and tackless, normally, sometimes they ride next to trains and almost die:

And once Bob ran off a cliff and hurt his leg super bad but hey no biggie it was OKAY by morning and they galloped some more! (Wut?)

And once Bob ran into a formal dance and trashed the place. Typical horse antics.

All in all this movie stunk and was unrealistic, but it had a good meaning and was clean, if that matters to you. There were good moments but I wouldn't watch it again. ;) I'd rather watch the Saddle Club. (That says a lot)

Sorry Bob.

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