Stopped by the barn yesterday after mom got home from her surgery. She's doing well, but the meds are making her puke. She can't take pills so they had to use a pain patch and she just had to take it off from the vomiting..blah. Yesterday she felt pretty good, and with the way the patch works, it eases the meds into you so one day it's a lighter dose, then it gets stronger, or at least that's what we were told. She'd rather be in pain than puke, soo....

She has two weeks off from riding. Six weeks off from lifting!

She wanted to see her pony, so we took her to the barn, let her sit down and visit. I went into Red's stall and checked out his newly trimmed hooves. Farrier came yesterday but mom had her surgery that day and we couldn't be there :(
Fancy feet :)

I gave him a brush down because he was SO dusty..

Clean. For about two secs.

Then put the fung-away in his mane.

After this last dosage I'm going to stop using it for about three or four days because he still has the bald spot on his neck and it started around when we began using the fung-away..worried he could be having a reaction to it. Til then I'll use MTG and fly spray to stop the itching.

After that I picked his hooves-muddy, don't know why considering it wasn't muddy at all..-then cuddled with him..
Not impressed!

Then...I gave him his FIRST peppermint..He loved it. Top lip went up and he shook his head. Got it on video..Gonna try and upload it..ignore my HORRID voice..I don't know why but I sounded really weird.
http://web.stagram.com/p/513879172799917089_257258450 <<<There's the link. May work, not sure.

After that we took some more pics and got my step-dad to take one of us :)

I swear his ears aren't that large...

On another note, hooves look fantastic, as always. Yay for good farriers.

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  1. Hope your mum has a fast recovery!! Cute pics, im glad he like the peppermints - not all horses do!!