What?? You can RUN?

The other day A let me know that Red was feeling quite feisty. ;) She walked Bay down the pasture and Red didn't see her leave, so next thing ya see is Red running down the hill, fast as can be, trying to find his girlfriend. ;) He settled down once he saw her and was content walking next to her. I'd say everyone who saw it was thinking, "Red?? Where did that come from? You can RUN??" but hey, I always knew he had it in him.



Went to go pay Spirit's boarding fee this evening and we left when we had tons of children at the house. :3 we took the new foster kiddo, who we'll call "N" since she's a baby and is either sleeping or smiling at the horses. I think she has the "bug" because she always calms right down when she's with them... I went in the barn after I said hi to Raven, who has a case of rain rot and was getting a bath, and mom went to Spirit's stall. :3 Red was completely NASTY, soaked with sweat and mud, and even though I knew it was gonna rain tonight I had to brush him out..I brought him out of his stall, let him graze for a few minutes and just held him while I brushed him since there was no where to tie. :P Mom held him for a few minutes so I could get the major mud off of him and fly spray him. Bugs were driving him crazy. His mane looks great already starting to see mane growth!! WOOT! :D It's getting so long now...His tail looks fantastic, meant to snap a picture but it was hard doing that when I was holding him and he was tugging me to go graze. He's doing good. :) After he was clean I took some pictures then got mom to take a couple of us. :)
Here Red is being a ballerina..

He's leaning on me. Lol
 After we were done cuddling-kay, I snuck some kisses in the stall...shhh...don't tell anyone ;)-I put him back in his stall so he could eat, gave him kisses. No treats since he was just about to eat and I know SOMEONE at the barn always sneaks treats in his feed. ;) (I swear, it's not me. Honest. It's another very indulgent horse owner.)
Where's my food??

Oh my girlfriend!
 Also, just because I missed transformation Tuesday I thought I'd due a belated transformation Wednesday! :D

When he still lived at our house. Notice how big the halter is..I blurred it because he was still pretty skinny. :P You can see how skinny, wrinkly and bald his neck looks, too.
No wrinkles on THAT thick neck! And no crustiness either. ;)


  1. I love your horse! He's so pretty. Its great that his mane is growing out.

    1. Thank you! :) I'm pretty biased, but I have to say, I think so too! :D I'm so happy with his mane. It's a far cry from how it was when I got him..I may do some pictures to compare today.