At my grandparents house and just downloaded a Blogger app so I can post. ;) A facebooked me last night and let me know that Red was back to his healthy self!! Acted frisky and played with Baybay, eating normally and drinking really well!! Still keeping him stalled just to make sure he doesn't get worse again. He's doing fantastic again, yippee!

In other news, Chip is sold to a great man who has said we could visit anytime. He complimented all of the horses, gave A training tips for her spooky and scared mustang and just seems like a perfect fit! Also, vet is coming out this month to geld the two colts!! YAY! This is great because now they will get full turnout and Bella wont be tortured anymore. ;) ;)

Leaving Florida tomorrow after visiting my cousins and Aunts. Birthday party for Petey on Sunday. Gonna try to ride ASAP. Spirit has to be worked soon.


  1. Glad to hear that Red is feeling better and sounds like lots of good stuff happening!