Grazing Horses & Rodeos

So, yesterday my mom, Jeff-my stepdad-and me let my older sister watch the two kiddos so we could go to a rodeo without having to leave halfway through it because a fussy baby was upset. This is the first time in about 2 years that we've all been out without the younger kids and it was fun. :) We went by the barn before we headed to the rodeo and while mom and Jeff talked to J, the farm owner, I went over to the horses and said hello. Everyone is together now, yay!! The horses now have full access to every bit of the farm other than the small fenced in area that we keep the trailers and the work car for the farm in. The colts and filly, and Spirit, have been in a separate pasture because they either got bullied or didn't get along with a certain horse but now they are doing fine all together! Woot!! Still seems weird not seeing Chip there, though.

Red and Bay were still up near the round pen after being turned out and I walked out to see them first. Called for Red a couple times and he didn't seem to notice me, then I came closer and he finally turned his head and trotted over to me. Gah I love this horse. :O I think every horse lover dreams of a horse that actually seems to love you and is eager to go meet you, and I am just...blessed and lucky. We have such amazing horses. A lot of times you end up getting duds, my mom has experienced and owned a lot of those, but our three horses are just amazing. Perfect for their individual owner.

Good news! That fungal stuff seems to be working on his mane!! It's healing, it's not getting worse and I haven't even seen him rub it yet!! WOOT!!!!!! SO EXCITED. I had a good feeling about it. Guess I have to say something good about my kind of blah-worthy Co-Op now..

I checked him over, gave him some kisses and let him wander off, he stayed around me for a minute then saw his girlfriend heading to the other pasture that was previously off-limits to go check things out and he let me give him a last hug and went off to her....After that I followed the fenceline to snap a couple pictures of the horses out there. Mostly of Red. ;)

My favorite Wrangler button up is now stained with this girls drool. Its okay though. ;) Hard to stay mad at this spunky mare!!!

After that-and me climbing over fencing to go cuddle with Bay-Bay-we headed to the rodeo..We got there and had just missed the little military parade and we were just walking up when they prayed. :P Hate I missed the beginning. We had to sit on the ground because there were no chairs left, but we sat right in front of the calf pens and the riders were about five feet away. One of the pickup men waved at my camera and shot me a thumbs up. :D

First up was bronco riding. Other than 2, the broncos were kind of lazy. One literally just walked around. :P Two of them were really good though. As I watched them go out of the shoot, I wondered why Red was in one...yes. Red. The lazy horse. Did y'all know his tail was broken? In the same kind of shoot? Yeah. That was before my aunt ever owned him, btw. That's why his tail is crooked and kind of sensitive. I want to get my vet to check it out this month to check it for arthritis. I think it's fine and it doesn't seem to bother him but I wanna double check, I don't want him hurting when I could do something..
ANYWAYS. Back to the rodeo. ;)

Here are some bronco pictures: (PS All pictures were taken from a cellphone so excuse the quality)

One of the better broncs!

Love the pickup man's expression. ;) His horse was amazing..Couldn't be taller than Spirit, fairly small boned, but MAN that horse loved its job!!! Ears up, eyes lit up..It's amazing seeing such a sweet horse-let the kids pet all over it-turn into such a speed machine! PERFECT rodeo horse!!

This guy was great. Waved at the kids and tossed a little boy the strap, shook his hand, waved at the cameras. Love it!

Next up was calf roping-There was this old man, probably about late 60's, that calf roped and he blew everyone out of the water. What a guy!! Rode like he was 20 years old, he did great!!
Waiting to go

You English riders may disagree and go for men in breeches  but IMO there is nothing more attractive than a guy in a wrangler shirt, cowboy hat, on a Quarter horse with a rope in his hands. :D

This is the guy that was on the far left in the pic above.

This guys horse acted like a Arabian or Thoroughbred on caffeine and sugar, but boy did that horse run!

Gorgeous horse!! And the guys pretty nice too! :D

Next was barrels, all women. I didn't get very good pictures because they were going too fast for me to focus on it and it was getting dark. I took a video of one girl but I have to figure out how to upload it. :D I think I need a Youtube account!

And here's me and my mom waiting for the stupid clowns to shut up...

Anyways, good night! :D

Not sure on a schedule. Planning on riding hopefully twice or more this week. Step-dad wants to ride so I may have to put my ride off so he can. :/ :P Considering he helps pay and without him I wouldn't have Red, I sacrifice for him. :D But I will get a ride in this week. :D


  1. Sounds fun!

    PS: I think you can upload a video by editing the blog post then clicking the video button to the right of the photo button(it looks like one of those black movie things). Clicking it gives you an option of
    a. uploading it from your phone
    b. My youtube videos(ones you have uploaded onto youtube yourself)
    c. from youtube
    d. from your webcam

    You can also do this: I usually go to youtube and find the video I want to use. Then I click the 'share" button underneath it. After that I click "embed". Then i copy the html and go the html format on my blog post. I then paste it into the post. Next I go back to regular format and wait several seconds for it to upload.

    Then first way is much easier though, so try it first. I hope this helped you.

    1. I knew how to do everything other than the uploading from the phone! Gonna try that soon! Thank you! :)