Goals for the rest of 2013.:3

I had meant to set goals in stone for 2013 and stuff happened, I never did it. Lauren from SheMovedToTexas-a fan-stinking-tastic blog-posted about hers today and inspired me to jot down my own. :)

My goals:
  • Start Red on trot poles to improve his gait.
  • Become more confident while trotting/cantering/galloping.
  • Improve my seat.
  • Improve my bareback riding.
  • Learn how to braid a mane/tail.
  • Begin work for Ranch or Western Pleasure. Not sure if I'll show him, but I want to and I need to begin the work if I ever decide to.
  • Bring the barrels in the round pen and try it out. :)
  • Figure something out for his mane issues.
What are your goals??


  1. Great goals :) You already read mine this morning

  2. Sounds good. My goals all tend to be too broad like "ride better." I need to work on coming up with more specific goals.