Fun, fun, fun!

I posted all of the pictures I have-so far-from the photoshoot but didn't really talk about how the ride went. :)

We got there around 6:30 since we wanted to do a sunset shoot, so once we got there the horses were in the four acres.  Grabbed Red and Spirit and brought them down to the barn for some TLC. Groomed them both, tacked them up. I let my two nephews, ages 5-like, turns five today-and 6 help out. The five year old is obsessed with the horses, and then the six year old was pretty interested too. It took me a minute to figure out the breast collar, though. ;) I had never used this type of collar, just the ones that clip....

We had locked the horses in  the four acres while we did the shoot, so we just walked up to the trails and took some pictures near the hill that leads to the trails...Red was super stubborn at first, wanting to get to Bay-Bay and Spirit was a tad apprehensive about the boys following him, so we made them stick close to Red-head.

My sister, Megan, got Spirit to stop for pictures first, so I stopped Red for a good fifteen minutes and let the boys love on him while he slept. ;) He stopped as soon as I asked him and did SO good! Spirit didn't want to stop at all :) He kept spinning around, but he did pretty good and we got some good shots, as you've already seen. (See below posts if you haven't)

Once they were done, Red and Spirit traded places and mom hopped off Spirit to let A, the six year old, ride him around. N was being used as our "clown" to get their ears up. ;) Red did so good for all of the pictures, other than wanted to spin when I re-mounted. I just got N to hold his reins for a second and hopped on. :)) funny how he listens to the five year old but not me! I think his lesson horse ways were coming back..

After we took those, we took some "action" shots so I trotted him back and forth and worked him into a canter in the end. He did really good other than when he passed Spirit and A, then he wanted to go visit. ;) It was hard to smile at the camera while controlling/trying not to fall off of a 1200 animal ;) ;)

After that we headed back to the barn. I cantered down there, letting him blow of some steam. Red and I opted for the round pen then so my sister and boys could ride. Spirit's a little high maintenance for that. :))

After I took him around the pen about three times and cantered, I hopped off and let my sister get on, who hadn't ridden a horse in about 9 or 10 years. Not surprisingly, Red just needed someone to hold his reins and he did great for her, but insisted on going at a walk. :)) She rode around for a minute then let N get on again.

 N hopped on-well, I *put* him on-and insisted on no help, so I just let Red follow me. Despite N's kicks and tongue clucks, he refused to go fast and did so good. Same thing with A. :)

We got them untacked and headed home. Yay for great photoshoots and rides! :)


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! It's good that the kids could ride, too. Always great when kids like horses at that young of an age!

    1. Yep! Brings back memories of my childhood, lol!!