Appaloosa markings??

Okay, all of you App lovers or just people who know horse colors/markings really well, I have a miniature Appaloosa with Paint in his bloodline. At the moment, he's a lighter color, kind of like a tan dun,

His face his darker now..
I'm going to snap some pictures hopefully today, but in those you can kinda see his light color. However, now that he has shed out-ALMOST-completely, he's turning darker with a dark pointed face and white spots are beginning to appear. What confuses us is the random black splotches on him! Like I said before, I'm going to try and take some good pictures today after church. He is just baffling us. He's almost 3, just for an FYI. Sire was a white leopard Appaloosa with brown and black spots and dam was a Cremello.


  1. He looks like part burro to me. :)

    Color can be very complicated, because it is regulated by so much. It's also very hard to see under winter hair.

  2. Appaloosas can change till they are 5 and some even beyond so I would not be surprised at all to see new marking pop up