Someone on Pinterest who follows several of the same horse blogs I follow asked me to answer the questions that a lot of y'all have been sharing. :) So, here we are.
1: A time you've been scared for your life on horseback.
There have been so many times..I'd say when I was trail riding and Red randomly decided to dart up a steep hill and into trees, we went through woods and a really rocky area and we were running up this huge hill the whole time..We got through it easily enough but I have a couple scrapes. ;)

2: There's a huge party at your friends house or you could have a lesson on the same night, which do you go to?
I don't do lessons, but I'd choose a lesson. I'm not a big party person. ;) ;)

3: Favorite markings a horse can have.
I LOVE a bold face. Snips are cute, I like stars, too.

4: Would you rather deal with bolting, rearing or bucking?
5: Agree or disagree; To have good eq means to be a good rider?

6: If you could try any discipline on any horse for 1 day, what discipline and what horse?
I always want to ride Red. Lol!! I'd love to do Western Pleasure on Red, or dressage on some fancy dressage horse. :) 

7: 3 horses you'd want to ride/meet the most?
I really don't follow famous horses much, but if I were picking famous ones, I'd pick,
Dash for Cash.
If I were to pick some of my blog friends horses', I'd pick,
Lauren's Simon (From SheMovedToTexas)
Mare's Missy (From Simplyhorse-crazy)
Amanda's Loki (From Keepingitlow-key)
There are so many others though...

8: On a scale of 1-10 how good would you say your seat is?
Maybe a 5. It could be a 6, but I hate going any higher because I'm not good at judging myself. :))

9: One of your goals for the next year, horse-wise.
I'd like to show in Western Pleasure..but really, I just want to continue the road I'm on.
 10: Would you rather teach lessons or train horses?
It depends. What age would I teach lessons? What breed of horse would I train? I'd like to teach lessons for kids about 10-16 because I know how horse crazy they-hopefully-are and I remember wanting so badly to take them. :)

11: Have you ever given a lesson for money?

12: If you were a trainer, would you want to train little kids, pre-teens, teens or adults?
Pre-teens or teens. They seem to be the most horse crazy and dedicated.

13: Have you ever ridden someone's horse for money?

14: If given the opportunity, would you exercise track horses?
Probably not. I'm not a huge fan of racing because of the injuries they tend to get..

15: On a scale of 1-10 what is your confidence like in the saddle?
It totally depends on what horse I'm riding!! When I'm on Red, I'd say about an 8 or 9. :)

16: 3 things you need to work on, riding-wise?
My seat-especially when trotting-, my confidence and my reining.

17: 3 things your horse needs to work on.
Red: Running me into trees, stubborness and...I really don't know. He's perfect. ;) LOL that was sarcasm.
Spirit: Rearing, bucking, taking a bit.
Cowboy: He needs to stop being a brat. Rearing, bucking, basically being a jerk 24/7.

18. Top 3 favorite riders?

I don't follow a lot of famous riders, but Stacy Westfall and Amberley Snyder are two. I love all of my blogging riders, as well.

19: Is there anyone you'd say is a bad rider ? (don't give names)
Not really. There is always someone at a show or rode.

 20: Are you better on the flat or over fences?
Don't jump.

 21: How high do you think you've jumped?
About an inch over a stick. ;) ;)

22: How high do you think your horse would be capable of jumping?
I have nooo clue.

23: Opinion on tackless riding.
Love it!!

24: Have you ever lied or over-dramatized anything about your riding?
A couple times..I've said I'm a better rider than I am.

 25: Do you think you're a good rider?
I'm a decent rider. I don't consider myself good yet unless I'm doubling. ;)

 26: Ever had barn drama?
Once. But it had nothing to do with arguing or anything, it wasn't bad.

27: Favorite things about the barn you're at?
The people, the horses, the location, the trails, the pasture..Everything.

28: Will you show next year? If so in what?
Probably not. If I did I'd show in Western Pleasure

29: Plans for your horse over the next year?
I want to start working him on trot poles and hopefully start practicing Western Pleasure stuff.

30: Would you share your tack with people?
Depends on the tack and person!

31: Has a horse ever shattered your confidence?
Not really..

32: Ever been scared to get on a horse?
Of course!! So many times..

33: Do you get nervous before shows?
I don't show, but trust me, I know I would.

34: Hunters or Jumpers?

35: Last time you fell off? What happened? Were you hurt?
I have tumbled off bareback when I lost balance..Nothing major. I landed on my feet and was fine.

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