Red wears his sassy pants & Spirit takes a bit. Finally.

So, we will *not* be able to get out to the barn and ride tomorrow because we got a respit call-for those of you who aren't familiar with foster care lingo, respit is when you take a child for the weekend to give other foster parents a break-for a little girl and we decided to help out and take it, we'd be going to pick her up right at 4:30 and Chip's possible owner will be there at 4:00 and we have to drive a good distance, so we're hoping to swing by on the way home if all is well. Since we can't ride tomorrow, mom and I decided to head out tonight and go for a short ride. We probably rode for an hour or more, and it was just us because Ann needed to work her husband's new horse, Hercules, who was already at the barn and was owned by Chip's owner. He's a 3 year old TWH-or saddlebred, I forget-and has only been worked with a saddle once before, so he needs the work.
Playing with his mother a few months ago.

You'd never think he was such a silly dude.
He is a fly mask ripper, a halter stealer, an escape artist..but he's a sweet horse and very docile, especially when being worked. The other day, we stalled the horses up to feed and he got out of his stall-how he did it we have no idea, it was latched tight!-and just walked out, put his head on me and stood there like, "hey guys, what are you talking about???" Plus his eyes always look so silly..like he's either done drugs or is really sad. But he is really pretty, I love his markings. He should mature to be about 15 H.H!! Of course he won't be seriously worked until he's matured enough since he's only 3, but they have sat on him before just to get him used to it, then hopped off. He's done great!!

ALSO something I'm EXTREMELY HAPPY about!! THE STALL GATES HAVE BEEN FIXED! Before, Red's stall door swung out an awkward way and it wouldn't close, so I had to open it, push Red outside, close it while holding Red, latch it with a lead rope and try to keep Red from running off,it was a pain. Now, we have fancy doors like these:

Just without the bars. :D :D YAY!!

I got Red out, tied him, got his tail wrap off..and then I freaked. Red randomly YELPED like a little girl and knowing his tail was sensitive due to possible arthritis from breaking it when he was a colt-an ugly wittle colt :( :(-I freaked out and thought I hurt him! I was being gentle, but I was wondering if I just pushed a bad place or something. Ann looked up like, "What in the world?" and then he did it again. This time I just stood there. Turns out Raven, a colt, was trying to bite him and he was scared. :( :( I got in front of him and he hid behind my back. DUDE. You are a 15.3 huge QH, you could take a 500 pound, 13.2 HH TWH colt! :)) Apparently, Red isn't a fan of being bullied.

This is what we did afterwards. Which he actually does all the time.By himself. I love it.
Once Raven was shooe'd away, I put his bridle on, tied the reins, put MTG on his tail and decided to let it air out while it was raining tonight so it wouldn't get all dry. I'll wrap it tomorrow or the next day again. It's really starting to look better, gettin' some hair growth!! Yipee!! I tacked him up, left the splint boots and ear bonnet this time because we were kind of rushed and I didn't think he'd need them. I mounted, he tried to spin a couple times but after about three tries he stood still like the good boy he is. ;) Mounted, stood while mom finished with Spirit..He FINALLY took his bit without a fight!!!! We think it was the sunburn on his nose.

Red put on his sassy pants.

Oh my goodness, for the first time in forever I wished I had a crop.

We went out, he did GREAT for the first few minutes, perfect!! He tripped a few times but that's normal for Red, he always trips. At one point I asked if he looked lame because he did some weird trip movement but mom said he looked perfect, and when I got off I walked him and he was fine. Must've been all the rocks that were washed up during the storm the other day. I think most of his issue was because, 1. He's nervous around Spirit, 2. This is the first time he's ridden with ONLY Spirit, normally he hangs out with one of Ann's horses that he is comfortable with and walks with them and stays in line, 3. Mom was the only one with us and he knew he could push me more than usual. Honestly, it wasn't that bad. He was sassy, but we had a lot of good moments. We trotted around a lot but I stuck with a walk for awhile because of all of the mud, once we got up to grass I let him canter. Went all around the farm and into the 4 acres after we were done on the trails, he did well up there other than one moment of, "I'm going to the barn and seeing what Hercules is doing in that round pen!!" and I made him do a little barrel formation twice. ;) There were wonderfully placed bushes up there in a perfect barrel racing formation and we trotted around them. ;) We didn't do great, but hey, it's a start and I think those tests are good for him.

We took some pictures on the trails, of course..

Don't look at his poor tail. :( :( :(

And I ONLY took pictures of ONE STINKING SIDE. I meant to snap a few pictures of my new saddle concho but completely forgot.

Went back to the barn, said hello to Hurk, tied Red, put his halter on, tied the lead rope again, untacked him, used the sweat scraper, fly sprayed again, put MTG on his face and on his tail again, rammed my finger into wood and got a splinter, got it out, gave Red treats-three, because when I tried giving him two he kept looking for his other, whoever says horses can't count is stupid!-took him in front of the fan, then walked around, stalled him up. Gave him kisses. :) He did that hugging thing like he does every time he sees me..Gah I love this horse, even with ugly sassy pants on. Really, the sassy pants came off once I dismounted and fly sprayed again, I'm still guessing it was the bugs.

I'm just so happy about his coat now, it's so shiny!!!!

Anywho, good ride. :) Testing horses are good sometimes, keeps you on your toes-or should I say heels considering proper EQ??-and gives you more experience.

Once we were done he ate dinner and got turned out again to go play. :) It's been a nice day. Before the ride I took my labrador out to the creek and let her swim around. It's been hot today so it was a treat for both of us. I completely forgot to take pictures, but picture a cute, shedding, fluffy black lab swimming with me wishing I could swim too. ;) Shallow water! :P

What did y'all do today? (Any tips on tail wrapping? :D)


  1. oh my gosh your barn stalls and doors are GORGEOUS! jealous, I am! :) looks like it was a great day for a trail ride!

    1. I am so stinking happy with them! No more opening gates awkwardly. ;) It was beautiful! :)

  2. Tail wrapping? Man, I never had to do that.
    I went swimming:) With Annie.