Are you serious???

That awkward awful moment when you get rained out.


Allow me to explain. Yesterday, it was a bad day. I woke up feeling terrible, which is totally normal for me, then I start feeling better after a loooong time. We go to a yardsale, which I figure will make my day wonderful because they had horse tack. It did make my day worth it. I bought two winter blankets, three(?) fly sheets, a D ring bit-for Spirit-a Rubber nosed hack-for Red-two trail nylon bridles, two sets of nylon reins, a riding helmet-don't get too excited, helmet lovers, it's for my young nieces/nephews who want to ride, they HAVE to wear a helmet in order to get on my horse, no way I'd let them on without one, I'll explain that in a sec-a pair of riding gloves and, this is random, but a pair of cute rain boots for less than  $1.

The two trail bridles are kind of..icky, because they have probably been sitting outside in the rain..All year long..But I got a bit and a hack off of them, so it made it worth it. Guess how much we spent. $60. Let me just tell you, those winter blankets are nice, especially after we washed them. One of them would've cost about $60 alone. Alone people.

Back to my bad day.

Later, we get home, I feel like there's something in my eye, it's annoying. It doesn't hurt but I can barely see out of my eye. I have a lot of eye/allergy problems so I just shrugged it off. As we were leaving to go check on ze horses at the barn..My eye hurts so bad I can not stand it. Still can't really see out of it. It's watering a lot so I look like I'm crying..I don't even get out of the car at the barn and let mom go because my eye hurts so much. I felt like a terrible horse owner because I didn't go in and see my horse, but I honestly couldn't get over the pain in my stinking eyeball.  Red is great. Spirit is up in the four acres with the babies because he kept getting in their fence. They are doing good. Great. My eye still hurts. -Still feels weird today even-

We go to Sonic so mom can get a "yummy UN-caffiented drink"  because she can't have caffeine or else she'll get a horrible migraine and the only soda she allows herself to drink is a cherry lime aid from Sonic. So, I order a vanilla coke. Yum. It's in a ginormous cup and I'm somewhat happier but my eye still hurts.

We travel another 20 or so minutes to go to Taco Bell. My eye stops hurting somewhere along the way and I'm praying like crazy that it doesn't start up again, it doesn't. Feels weird still, but not bad. I order a taco. We leave. We go to a pizza place to get pizza for tomorrow's lunch so we'd have something that isn't fast food after church. -This place makes healthier pizza's and you cook them at home, yummy-

We get home, it's too hot at the moment to go ride, but I get my stuff together so I'm ready once it starts cooling down. The MINUTE we go to leave, it starts pouring rain. Are you serious??? I'm ready to make my day better but the rain ruins it. Grrr....

It's raining today too. And half of tomorrow. But I will ride this week, preferably early this week. I need to work on a few key things this week and my step-dad wants to ride, so he'll probably go with me one time.

What a day.

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  1. Rain, rain, rain! Here, too. You are practically swimming to get the mail!