Wet ponies & Excitement.

First of all, I want to let y'all know I may have some VERY VERY excited news tomorrow. I can't say anything before I know for sure, but I will let you all know what's going on tomorrow.

Today we went out to Pigeon Forge to go to a few western stores, stop by the Dixie Stampede to visit horses and just walk around. :) After that, it started POURING rain, but we went to the barn and visited anyways and helped John, the owner of the barn, get the horses in since Ann, the head-honcho is out of town. :) First, here are some pictures from the Dixie Stampede. :)
These horses were cracking us up! The bay kept sticking his tongue out!
"Oh I love you!!'


This beauty was the biggest treat to see. A 20+ HH Percheron. Next to him was a slightly shorter Percheron, and the Bay on the right was an around 14 HH Quarter Horse. It looked SO tiny next to this gorgeous boy!!!! He was so sweet, kept trying to nuzzle up against us and would whinny every time someone passed by his stall.

The smaller Percheron, probably around 18HH or taller. His name was Eli, can't remember the other one.

I think his name was King or something. He is a QH. Reminded me of Red, look and personality wise.

The Bay Quarter.

And here are some from the barn this evening, none of Red, sorry! His stall has terrible lighting and I couldn't take him out because it was pouring rain...Plus he was NASTY! Rofl!! But, he did lead half of the herd into the barn and was very sweet this evening. :) :) You'd all be proud!


I have more to post, but I will have to upload them later, can't do that now.

OH! Red and I's story was posting on Equine Calculator on facebook, check the post out! :)

I hope to have very exciting news to post about tomorrow..... :) Until then, toota-loo!


  1. I went to Dixie Stampede when it was in Myrtle Beach and thought it was really fun :)

    1. They are so much fun! I have been dragged on the stage before....Rofl!

  2. It looks like Patches got slammed in the door!!

    1. Haha!! She does that all the time, so funny!!