For Miss. Taylor at Www.Inredlipstick.blogspot.com :) :)

I made two headers for a very sweet fellow horsey blogger, Taylor. :) First, if you want another horse blog to follow, go over to this blog right here and give her a follow and check out her many adorable horses, especially Flicka! :)
First header:

And here is my favorite,

I hope you like them, Taylor!

Make sure y'all go check out her blog!

PS: If any of you guys want me to make a banner or DESIGN a blog button-I can NOT do HTML work, you'd have to do that-or something, let me know and I'll give it a whack.

PSS: If any of y'all can do HTML work, I'm currently trying to find someone to make me a blog button for this blog. ;) Hint hint, ROFL!

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