Exciting stuff going on tonight!!!

Guess who rode Red for the first time EVER??? My step-daddy Jeff!!!!!!

But first I must explain.

Today I have felt completely and utterly blah! Petey, the little bro, puked last night. Uh oh!! So, I woke up this morning and I was nauseous. I'm a hypochondriac so I was thinking it was just me, but I am still extremely nauseous. No puking though, just bad nausea. Petey only puked three times, he slept through all three times-HOW did he do that??-and he is back to normal other than not having a big appetite, so obviously it's not a bad bug. Prayers for me and the rest of my family are appreciated, I'm REALLY hoping no one else gets sick and I end up sailing through this without getting sicker. I've survived on a vanilla coca-cola all day long and haven't eaten anything other than maybe a cracker, I forgot. :P :P The carbonation has helped me a lot. I have been so sick this year!! Urgh! I'm normally never sick. I started taking pro-biotic and another thing that helps your immunity boost up, so I'm hoping it'll help, sickness has been crazy this year, especially at my church.

Anyhow, Jeff had to go help out at the barn to get a tractor thingy fixed, don't ask me for the details, and even though I felt AWFUL, I decided I couldn't not go to the barn! So, I got Red out of his stall and groomed him while they took care of the bush hogger and tractor, walked him around and then we tacked up. I spent around an hour just hanging out with him. So, Ann and John were there, Ann let us use one of her bigger saddles because Jeff is tall and bigger than me and my mom. Lol! So, we tacked up and all of us headed to the ten acre pasture. I hopped on first, ignored my nausea and let Red pretty much go whatever speed he wanted, and he wanted to trot. So, I got some energy out and once I was sure he wouldn't start galloping with Jeff, I dismounted and Jeff got on with the help of a mounting block.;) Jeff hasn't ridden in YEARS, and hasn't ever ridden Red. I sensed a little nervousness, but just a tad! Nothing too bad, lol!!!!

I told him to go to the back of the pasture, away from us and the gate, because Red always goes slower that way and is less likely to start trotting with him. I told him how to use leg pressure and how to rein, what to say and what not to say-Because if you say the word trot when riding Red, he listens and takes off!!!

Jeff rode for about 25 minutes. :) We couldn't stay long because mama was at home with Petey and I felt pretty bad. :P

Red did perfect. He acted like he was a lesson horse again, very patient!! Every so often Jeff had to slow him down, and I would have to lead for a minute, but he did very well. 

On the car ride home, I asked Jeff if he understood why it's so addicting! He turned to me and said, "Well, I guess I do." With a smirk. :)) He is officially in love!

No pictures of me riding-I look terrible and I only rode for about ten minutes all together, I hate not being able to ride very long but I just felt so bad when Red started moving. I swear he sensed it, he kept putting his head on me when I was grooming him and actually followed my orders really easily.... Now I'm sitting at home watching my favorite movie, happy that the nausea has passed a little and it's almost bed time! Well, about three hours until then. I'm exhausted.

 I love my horse. Seriously. Such a good boy!!!!


  1. Aw! That's too bad! My family and I have been sick too. Praying for everyone! And it's great your step-dad is riding!!

    1. I appreciate the prayers!! I woke up this morning feeling really, really terrible but I think I've gotten over it. It's a really mild sickness, so I'm happy!! Lol!!!! Yes, we are all so excited he finally got to ride!

  2. Good boy Red! He looks very patient.

    1. He did very well!!! He definitely can sense the difference between Jeff and I. When I got on, he was ready to go, eager to trot and just MOVE, but with Jeff he stayed in a slow pace, was very patient and did amazing! :) Jeff wants to trot and canter, but I told him he has to wait! Rofl!