I. Am. So. Happy.

If you have been following the blog for awhile, you'll remember the "saddling incident" that happened. When mom and I were tacking Red up, he started going down, it looked like he was colicing. Well, we took the brand new saddle off super quickly and he ran up to his stall and starting eating hay. Needless to say it freaked me out. We later found out he had a bad bean, so we got it out and the vet said she thought the incident was because of the bean. A few months has passed and I finally bought a new girth for that saddle because my only one that was large enough was really old and I needed a new one quite badly. :)) Today, I nervously put the saddle on him, cinched it up extremely slowly and kept glancing at him. Red gave the different saddle a curious look, but acted fine. *Sigh* So, I mounted carefully. No problems. No problems at all!! Hallelujah! We decided to stay in the round pen because the horses had just finished eating and were turned out, so I didn't want to have to stall them up again or move them from the pasture we normally rode in. Red could probably use a good round pen ride, anyways.
Ignore my feet...No, my heels aren't down. The stirrups were a *tad* to long and we needed pliers or something to loosen the buckle to shorten them, and my ropers kept slipping!


 I meant to use my new bridle today with the flowered conchos, I even switched the hack out...But I forgot it at home!! So I had to use a fellow boarders hack. :P :P :P :P Urk. Anywho, Red did great with that hack, so it all turned out alright, I suppose. Next time I ride, I WILL use my new bridle! Lol!

We did a lot of trotting and cantering in the round pen, and by the time we were done, we were both sweating and quite tired!! He did really great and only stubbed up a couple times, but after a bit of sweet talking he started trotting again. I've discovered that he responds so much better to sweet talking than he does to harsh words and etc. He's such a spoiled pony! Hahahaha!

He's shedding out so well still. No scabbing at all, praise the Lord. :) He looks so amazing!!  I think the saddle looked pretty good, too!! I also used my new western pad. I really like it! It fits a tad different than my older one, but it worked really great.

Well, I'm sleepy, I am craving some crystal light orange flavored water and I am watching one of my favorite shows, so, I shall end this post! :D Today was great!