Farriers & Bridle Paths

Before I start the actual post, you guys will notice the blog look has changed. I decided to use one of my actual pictures of me and Red for the header instead of the one I made on Polyvore because I thought it looked better, and then my background clashed with the pictures. Tell me if you dislike the new look, or if you like it. :) My sister just sent me that new picture (She was the one who took the pictures this past Saturday) and sized it for a facebook cover photo, and as I was looking, I noticed it was also the perfect header size!!!
That's the original picture. :) I love it!!! I told my sister I should've removed the reins and just let him follow me because he follows me everywhere anyways, even without reins, but either way, I love it. :)

The farrier was at the barn yesterday evening around 4-ish and so my mom and I went out so Red's hooves could be trimmed. When we got there, the farrier had started on one of the Appaloosa's who has to be a little sedated to be trimmed and get her front hooves shoed because she bucks and bites the farrier, which is so unlike her personality any other time, riding or just on the ground, so while I waited, mom talked with the barn people and I went into Red's stall to groom him and clean his hooves out. I also wanted to check out his shedding progress. I'm starting to get a little nervous because Summer is coming and I'm worried about his skin. If you are a new follower (I seem to be acquiring a lot more of those! yay!) when Red lived in Florida, he was almost completely bald because of the bugs and heat, he was also losing weight. He has made AMAZING progress. His tail was completely bare from the middle and up. I would hate for him to go back and look bad. Anywho, after I was done brushing I was pretty pleased. No bald spots. No awful shedding. Perfect!!! His mane is now like, five or so inches, and in September is was not even an inch long. His tail also looks so great. He's gained weight and has the bod of a Quarter Horse now! Woohoo!!! Red did great for the farrier, but his two back legs were stiff, so we gave him some beaut. Nothing to be worried over. He had a little bit of thrush in his left back hoof, we got that taken care of and the farrier didn't seem to worried. :)
He is obviously enjoying the warm weather! He is being so sassy. As I was grooming him, he kept picking the curry comb up with his mouth and holding it out towards me. :)) :)) there is truly nothing better than walking in a stall, being greeted by a whinny and having your sweet horse wrapping his head around you!

After his feet were trimmed, we took the clippers out and trimmed up his bridle path and trimmed some of his whiskers. I don't like trimming or cutting his mane or forelock unless I have to-Like when we trimmed his mane a couple months ago to get rid of the burnt remains of old mane and to make it grow faster-but the bridle path is an exception because it's more for comfort. I hate seeing his bridle or halter pull at his hair.
"man, mom, I'm SLEEPY!" he says. ;)

Once I get more of the pictures I'll post them! :) I should be able to ride later this week, tomorrow and the next day are going to be super rainy. :P