Challenge 22 (And Happy New Year!)

Happy New Years, guys! :) :) Sorry I've missed a couple days, it's been busy. :P Anyways, today's challenge is: "Describe the important of riding in your life."

So, I am a HUUUGEEE hypochondriac,like, no kidding, I am terrible, the most anxious person you will ever meet/hear of in your life. I. Am. Awful. I worry about EVERYTHING. If I have a bump on my arm, I freak, if I have a sore throat, I freak. My family is to the point of almost despising me. :)) But I can be having the worst day ever, and the moment I hop in the car to go to the barn. Boom, gone. My anxiousness literally flies away. All I think about is the horses. I also have some family issues that are always present, my father (Not Jeff, who you will hear about a lot, he's my step-dad.) is a dead-beat dad, he loves me, I love him, but I just try not to get too close to him, it upsets me a lot, and when I have hard days dealing with that, I go to the barn. :)) Without riding, I'd be an anxious time bomb.
Really, what's better than seeing that handsome face peeking out of his stall waiting for you?

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